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Podcast Review: The Case, Episode 7: Dottie & Yvette

The Case, Episode 6: Dottie & Yvette

After the exploration into Kevin’s relationships in episode six of The Case, Kirk and Steve spend the majority of this episode focusing on Jennifer Fay. The episode opens on a hopeful note from September 2005. Two of the private investigators focused on Jennifer’s case have received a tip that someone matching the description of Jennifer Fay in Corpus Christi, Texas. As Jennifer’s mother walks up the driveway to  confirm the identity, we as listeners are left hanging on a thread. Will this be the closure Jennifer’s family deserves after 16 years of searching for answers?



For background, Kirk interviews Charlie Castro and Michelle Littlefield, two private investigators that have worked the case for over 10 years. Charlie was on site in Corpus Christi to set the table for Jennifer’s mother to identify this mystery woman. As Jennifer’s mother made her way up the driveway to identify the woman, the tension was palpable. Unfortunately, this woman was not Jennifer Fay. Jennifer’s mother and family were crushed. But what is more interesting is the stories that the mystery woman and Jennifer’s mother share. These are two people who have certain elements of their lives conjoined in this moment. 

The focus of this episode is not only Jennifer’s family, but the challenges that they have faced over the course of the last three decades. Kirk shares stories of people who have claimed to know Jennifer, or seen Jennifer, even people who have claimed that they know who killed Jennifer. It’s a sad story of events. But not as sad as the investigation of Jennifer’s whereabouts by the Brockton Police.Just a few weeks before Jennifer went missing, the Chief of the Brockton Police Department was forced to resign after it was uncovered that he was stealing cocaine from the evidence room. There is no direct correlation that this event hampered Jennifer’s investigation, but this makes you wonder if this department had their priorities aligned to investigate effectively. Kirk lets his opinion be known in this episode. Law enforcement in Brockton had dropped the ball on this case.

As Kirk circles back on the prime suspect, Kevin, he interviews one of Kevin’s cousins who lived with him for some time. Kimberly, Kevin’s cousin, claims that she overheard Kevin say that he had murdered Jennifer Fay. In seven episodes, this is the closest we get to any kind of direct claim of Kevin’s involvement in Jennifer’s case. It’s an absolutely wild interview. 

With one episode left of The Case, I can’t wait to see how this wraps up. It is apparent in just 7 episodes of this podcast, Kirk and Steve have made more headway on the case than any of the local law enforcement authorities. As we turn the corner towards episode 8, there seems to be one piece of the puzzle missing, and Kirk is dedicated to finding this piece. Don’t miss The Case podcast, one of the best new podcasts of 2021!

Podcast Review: The Case, Episode Six: The Widower

The Case, Episode Six: The Widower

The Sixth Episode of The Case is 37 minutes long. As I worked my way through this intense episode, it became apparent at about the 15 minute mark that Kirk has made more headway on the disappearance of Jennifer Fay and Faith Roach than any of the previous investigations. After the bizarre interrogation of Kevin Maler, in which he states that he is a protector of women and those around him, Kirk explores how fraudulent these statements are. 



Episode Six of The Case, titled “Widower” focuses on four different women that had relationships with Kevin Maler. This is easily one of the most stark episodes of the case so far. Kevin was involved in two relationships in the years surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Fay, both of these women were underraged at the time. One of the women agreed to speak with Kirk and detailed that she had a relationship with Kevin at 15 years old. She fully admits that she was manipulated in this relationship and suffered physical and mental abuse during her time with Kevin, even after having two children with him. 

Later on in the episode Kirk speaks with Kevin’s oldest son, who quickly dispels any notion that Kevin was a good father. He admitted that he had not seen him for decades and that life under Kevin after his mother passed was miserable. I will spare you the details. Ultimately, Episode Six is an exploration into Kevin’s character, or lack thereof. Kirk even captures stories from Kevin’s own cousins who have memories of the abuse that women suffered while in a relationship with Kevin. 

As I mentioned earlier, within the first moments of this episode, Kirk was able to uncover real details of what it is like to be in a relationship with Kevin. Statutory rape, physical and mental abuse, and a complete lack of compassion are characteristics that Kirk has uncovered. It makes you wonder why local authorities didn’t ask more questions…

With two episodes left, we couldn’t be more interested to see how Season One of The Case wraps. Don’t forget to check out our other episode recaps of one of the best new podcasts of 2021. 

The Case: Episode 5

The CASE: Episode 5 Podcast Review

Five episodes down and three to go. For those who are Minifans, Kirk finally flashes some of the mannerisms you’ve come to love. For those new to Kirk, prepare for some great sarcasm and insight.

The “interrogation” primarily takes place in a hotel conference center. Kevin is scheduled to clear his name by taking a polygraph test. An independent examiner arrived to administer the test. Leading up to the test Kevin was excited, sending many messages across social media. Kirk and Steve flew down from Boston to talk with Kevin after the test. Big lead up…

Kevin ended up smoking meth the night before and decided to take heroin to calm down. Sounds normal right? This is a much different life than I live so I am not making fun of Kevin in anyway. But it’s a bit suspicious he decides to get high the night before and takes a downer before the test. Which results in Kevin falling asleep during the test, three separate times.

Although Kirk is reasonably frustrated, he tries to salvage the interview with Kevin. While they engage in casual conversation, Kevin talks about his past relationships. Kirk catches him in a lie multiple times. He does an excellent job of not calling out Kevin, but instead talks to the listener (great editing). At times I found myself swearing at Kevin in frustration for the lies and his constant self-pity party. This is one of the best interviews I have heard in any true crime podcast.

Kevin emerges as the undisputed prime suspect. You can’t believe a word he says and the evidence is mounting.

I came across an excellent character map on Reddit by user r/jentlyjackjones

If you are not already subscribed, check out the case sub-reddit to talk with other fans of the podcast. Full map is here

Podcast Review: The Case, Episode Four: April & Kevin

The Case, Episode Four: April & Kevin

With the release of episode four of The Case, we have reached the halfway point of this series, and Kirk and Steve are in the thick of it. Although the first season of The Case is focused on the disappearance of Jennifer Fay, that’s not the only case that Kirk is exploring. What’s become apparent throughout the first half of this season is that the Jennifer Fay case is merely a starting point that is leading us down a dark path of the underbelly of our society. 



Episode Four of the Case brings us back to Walhalla, South Carolina, where Kirk and Steve explore the mysterious deaths of April Norton Jones and Kevin Kyle Craig. At first sight, it seems that both deaths were drug related. But as Kirk mentions early in episode four, anyone with a brain could have looked at the coroner’s report for April to see that this was more than just a simple drug overdose.

To this point, The Case has done a tremendous job in providing the listener with the appropriate background in all the players. Kirk paints the picture of what life looks like in these drug riddled communities and how it affects the actions of the members of those communities. The majority of the episode is spent examining the lives of April and Kevin, and interviewing their family members and friends for their view on what may have led to their passing. Interestingly enough, both parties seem to lead back to one person…but we’ll leave that for Kirk and Steve to share. 

Let us know what you think of The Case so far and stay tuned for our weekly reviews! 

The Case: Episode 3 & Suspect Map

Episode 3: Diana

Episode 3 of the case did not disappoint. Kirk went back to Brockton and introduced Diana Natalie. Also- I know the spelling may be off so be patient. Diana was a neighbor of Jennifer whose son was friends with Kevin. Kevin and Richie were friends growing up in Brockton. In Richie’s basement was Reena, a mentally handicapped woman Dianna chained up. All three were aware of Reena’s existence. 

At this point Kevin remains the most likely suspect, however Diana is evil. Everyone Kirk interviewed with was afraid of her. Kevin, who was in his prime back when Jennifer disappeared is still terrified of Dianna. Besides having a human salve, could she also be a murderer? This does not seem far off. Kirk teases the idea of this theory. However , at the end of the episode we flip back to South Carolina. One of Kevin’s current friends just O.D. Or did he…as we come to find out, there may be witnesses who know what happened to Faith. Can’t wait for next week! 

We created a character map as best as we could for everyone to help follow along. Kevin is the only person to connect both murders. However, could Jennifer have threatened Diana or Richie that she would tell the police about Reena? 

Podcast Review: The Case, Episode Two: Faith

The Case, Episode Two: Faith

After finishing the premiere episode of The Case, rumors already started swirling that it had the potential to be one of the best true crime podcasts of 2021. As I pushed play for the second episode my excitement and expectations for The Case grew. With high expectations and interest in the case, Episode Two of the Case delivered on all fronts.




As Kirk and his producer, Steve move forward on their investigation of the disappearance of Jennifer Fay, they find themselves traveling from Massachusetts to South Carolina. Kirk is led to South Carolina after he discovers there is a violent felon who lived in Jennifer Fay’s neighborhood that is connected to at least one other missing girl, Faith Roach. Faith went missing after last being seen on February 5th, 2019 in Walhalla, South Carolina.  

Episode Two of the case focuses on Faith’s traumatic and troubled background. Through a variety of interviews and Facebook posts, Kirk uncovers more information than they ever bargained for. As The Case begins to rattle the foundation of the investigations of Jennifer Fay and Faith Roach, Kirk finds himself in the crosshairs of a troubling individual. Don’t miss the second episode of the best new true-crime podcast.

Make sure to listen to Episode One of The Case if you haven’t yet! Don’t forget to check out our review of Episode One


Podcast Review: The Case

The Case Season One: Boston

If you aren’t familiar with Kirk Minihane, a quick Google search will present you with a variety of search results highlighting his career in podcasting. I can summarize those search results quickly for you. Kirk Minihane is a podcasting and radio legend, who is well known for his raw, uncensored commentary on everything from sports to politics and pop culture. Although this is Kirk’s first true-crime podcast, it is not his first piece of investigative journalism. In 2018, Kirk unearthed a groundbreaking story about how Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe falsely claimed to be at the site of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Since that article was published, it was only a matter of time until Kirk put his investigative skills to work again. 



Kirk lets us know his intentions for The Case within minutes of the first episode: “This is not a true-crime podcast, this is an investigation.” He’s clearly someone that has familiarized himself with true-crime podcasts and identified what works well and what doesn’t work for listeners. The Case is jam-packed with interview snippets from journalists who covered the case, and friends and family members related to the subject of the case. 

Kirk mentions early in the first episode that he had a desire to start a true-crime podcast, and outlines some of the criteria for the case he selected. He wanted to keep it local to Massachusetts, a state that he grew up in and has lived for most of his life. After exploring several cases he finally landed on a cold case that he had never heard of before. In Season 1 of The Case, Kirk and his producer Steve, explore the story of a missing teenage girl, Jennifer Fay. Jennifer Fay went missing on the night of November 14th, 1989 in Brockton, Massachusetts. Jennifer was your typical, playful, 80’s teenage girl that was the life of everywhere she went. For years police considered Jennifer a runaway, but Kirk quickly flips that theory on its head minutes into The Case’s first episode. 

The first season of The Case is an eight-part investigative true-crime podcast that will explore and investigate the case of Jennifer Fay. The first episode clocks in just under 45 minutes and sets the precedent for The Case to become one of the best new true-crime podcasts. In just hours after the launch of The Case, it climbed to a top 10 spot across all podcast genres. The Case is poised to be one of the best podcasts of 2021. The combination of Kirk’s tenacity and dedication to the truth of the Jennifer Fay case make this a podcast you do not want to miss. 

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