Best Narrative True Crime Podcasts

The Spring Collection: Best Narrative True Crime Podcasts

Each season we release our favorite narrative true crime podcasts. There are hundreds of different podcasts in this space. The five podcasts below are our picks for the Spring. Enjoy! 

It’s easy to forget that all crimes don’t end in a gruesome murder. With the variety of true crime podcasts available to listeners that cover crimes like missing persons, serial killers, and crimes of passion; we can lose focus on some of the worst criminals out there in the real world. The white-collar criminals. The rich politicians and business people who use their power to advance themselves while ruining others. In the truest sense of the phrase, Swindled keeps it real. If you like the show “American Greed”, then you’ve just found your new favorite podcast

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

Hosts Emily and Alisha present their podcast in a fantastic narrative form and do a great job of incorporating authors, psychologists, detectives, and other special guests along the way.  There are a variety of two parter episodes, which include case discussions with authors, victim advocate interviews, and other types of pods. Recently, they shared a 90-minute episode that covered 3 different unsolved cases that all happened around bodies of water. Of course, that was to help kick off the summer and is one of the best true crime podcasts. 

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

Going West is a no non-sense podcast hosted by Daphne and Heath. Each week this duo dissects and discusses a new case in under an hour. My favorite aspect of listening to true crime podcasts is the variety of stories than you open yourself up to. You can easily break down this category to sub-genres like serial killers, missing persons, unsolved crimes, etc.

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

We love independent podcasts, and They Walk Among Us is one of the best true crime podcasts available today. The awards are numerous, including mentions from the vulture and a Lovie Award. The couple recently released their first book as well. All of the cases this duo explores are based in the UK. Lovers of true crime will be instantly addicted. If you These may sound like fighting words, but They Walk Among Us is one of the best-researched pods out there. The details that Ben provides are always fascinating and add to the allure of the case being covered. They cover some of the most disturbing and graphic cases I’ve heard on any podcast and probably why its a top podcast. 

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

In the late ’80s, there was a popular television show called Unsolved Mysteries. And if you were a true crime fan back in the stone age then you are aware it was the holy grail. Although the show had a heavy dose of 80’s overproduction and corniness, the stories were interesting and captivating. Trace Evidence is one of the favorite podcasts of r/truecrimepodcasts.

The reason for all of my 80’s true crime television nostalgia? Trace Evidence strictly focuses on unsolved mysteries. Episodes vary from chilling murders to mysterious disappearances. Trace Evidence does a great job of keeping the listener on their toes as you likely will not know many of the cases reviewed. Check out our favorite episode and podcast review here

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Best True Crime Podcasts for May

New True Crime Podcasts in May

Each month we review dozens of new podcasts from both independent and large studios. In May, we identified four podcasts we love. Check out Counter Clock, That’s Messed Up, Morbidology and Confronting Columbine. 

Delia’s year-long investigation into the infamous Pelley family massacre in Lakeville, Indiana includes never-before-heard interviews from people closest to the victims and the initial police investigation. After reviewing more than 6,000 court documents, depositions, transcripts, and photographs, Delia has traveled from Northern Indiana to South Florida following leads that connect unsolved crimes in the Sunshine state to the Pelley family.

Each week, comedians and amateur detectives Liza Treyger and Kara Klenk break down episodes of Law & Order: SVU, deep dive into the true crimes they’re based on, and interview on-screen talent, ranging from big stars to joggers who find the body. These are their stories. Dun dun!

Morbidology is a weekly true crime podcast created and hosted by Emily G. Thompson, author of many true crime books. Using investigative research combined with primary audio including 911 calls, interviews and trial testimony, Morbidology takes an in-depth look at some of the world’s most heinous murders.

The events of April 20th, 1999 shaped our nation and altered the American narrative. One of America’s deadliest school shootings took place in a small town in Colorado, leaving thirteen dead and another twenty-one severely injured. And it was all broadcast over national tv for the nation to see

Do you love true crime podcasts? Check out our list curated for investigative, narrative and comedy true crime podcasts. 

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Blog Post: The Business Behind Crime Junkie

Behind the Noise

Whether you love it or hate it, Crime Junkie is the largest true-crime podcast in the United States. The pod was launched in December 2017 out of a garage in Indiana by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. Each week the duo covers a new case. Love it or hate it, Crime Junkie represents any independent podcaster’s dream. Fast forward four years later, and their studio, Audio Chuck, is responsible for five of the top ten true crime podcasts.

What’s so great about them? They emulate the four key ways any podcaster should focus on growing their podcast.

  1.  Audience Engagement: In every episode, Ashley and Brit give a minor update on their lives, share personal experiences and stories about their following. By doing so, they create a community.

  2. Consistency: A new episode drops every week. Sounds simple, but never missing a deadline is easier than it sounds. 

  3. Leverage Following: Brit and Ashley focused solely on Crime Junkie for a few years. They have since launched multiple other shows. Their following is the first to hear of the podcast and subscribe before the podcast officially launches. This is an example of Network Effect at its best.

  4. Engaging ContentThey are some of the best storytellers in the business.


What Next? 

What will happen next? I see two different paths for AudioChuck. The first would be to sell to a larger studio like Amazon or Spotify. I see any crime junkie fan paying a subscription fee to either of those platforms. The second would be to continue to produce content while vertically integrating. The great thing about podcasts is that you do not need a distribution channel to reach fans. Maybe we will see AudioChuck launch an ad service arm and move into other Mediums.

P.S. I also think RedHanded will follow a similar path in the year to come.

Best True Crime Comedy Podcasts

The Spring Collection: Best True Crime Comedy Podcasts

Each season we release our favorite comedy true crime podcasts. There are hundreds of different podcasts in this space. The five podcasts below are our picks for the Spring. Enjoy! 

Host and producer Gordon Rochford has done a tremendous job carving out a special place in the podcast universe. Gordon and a guest(s) typically discuss a case with a conspiracy angle. Gordon is a natural interviewer, and draws comedy out of his guests. The first half hour or so is used by Gordon to catch up with his guests and introduce them, and then dive into the discussion. Some guests are better known comedians, tour guides etc.  Once the stage is set, the conversation naturally flows into the actual case. This is one of our favorites.

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

Take everything that you thought you knew about a true-crime podcast, and throw that out the window. Even the Podcast is Afraid is a game-changer to the Comedy True Crime sub-genre. Some podcasts struggle to find their footing walking the balance beam of true crime and comedy, but Even the Podcast is Afraid has laid the groundwork on how to do this respectfully.

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

NECRONOMiPOD podcast (try saying that five times fast) is a weekly true crime podcast with three friends, Ian, Mike, and Dave. The trio meet to crack some beers and talk about serial killers, Scientology, area 51, cults, UFOs, conspiracies, and domestic terrorists. Cases include famous serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and the Golden State Killer and Order of the Temple, Chris Benoit, and the Bell Witch. My favorite episodes were about the Oklahoma City Bombing podcast. I found this to be particularly interesting because I was not familiar with the lead up of Timothy McVeigh. 

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here

Morbid is an anthology-style true-crime podcast that blends case discussions with a hint of comedy. This is a podcast that is truly a labor of love by its hosts. Hosts Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley bring a ton of personality to their podcast. Morbid is basically made for true crime fans. Alaina and Ash have a “love” for true crime, horror, creepy history, and “anything spooky as hell.” 

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here.

Small Town Murder is hosted by comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman. The duo is upfront about the purpose of the show – it’s strictly comedy. Each week the pair focus on a crime that takes place in a small town—and  pick on the people who live there, the crappy detective work, and the cultural nuances.

Check out the podcast review and our favorite episode here.

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The Case: Episode 5

The CASE: Episode 5 Podcast Review

Five episodes down and three to go. For those who are Minifans, Kirk finally flashes some of the mannerisms you’ve come to love. For those new to Kirk, prepare for some great sarcasm and insight.

The “interrogation” primarily takes place in a hotel conference center. Kevin is scheduled to clear his name by taking a polygraph test. An independent examiner arrived to administer the test. Leading up to the test Kevin was excited, sending many messages across social media. Kirk and Steve flew down from Boston to talk with Kevin after the test. Big lead up…

Kevin ended up smoking meth the night before and decided to take heroin to calm down. Sounds normal right? This is a much different life than I live so I am not making fun of Kevin in anyway. But it’s a bit suspicious he decides to get high the night before and takes a downer before the test. Which results in Kevin falling asleep during the test, three separate times.

Although Kirk is reasonably frustrated, he tries to salvage the interview with Kevin. While they engage in casual conversation, Kevin talks about his past relationships. Kirk catches him in a lie multiple times. He does an excellent job of not calling out Kevin, but instead talks to the listener (great editing). At times I found myself swearing at Kevin in frustration for the lies and his constant self-pity party. This is one of the best interviews I have heard in any true crime podcast.

Kevin emerges as the undisputed prime suspect. You can’t believe a word he says and the evidence is mounting.

I came across an excellent character map on Reddit by user r/jentlyjackjones

If you are not already subscribed, check out the case sub-reddit to talk with other fans of the podcast. Full map is here

The Case: Episode 3 & Suspect Map

Episode 3: Diana

Episode 3 of the case did not disappoint. Kirk went back to Brockton and introduced Diana Natalie. Also- I know the spelling may be off so be patient. Diana was a neighbor of Jennifer whose son was friends with Kevin. Kevin and Richie were friends growing up in Brockton. In Richie’s basement was Reena, a mentally handicapped woman Dianna chained up. All three were aware of Reena’s existence. 

At this point Kevin remains the most likely suspect, however Diana is evil. Everyone Kirk interviewed with was afraid of her. Kevin, who was in his prime back when Jennifer disappeared is still terrified of Dianna. Besides having a human salve, could she also be a murderer? This does not seem far off. Kirk teases the idea of this theory. However , at the end of the episode we flip back to South Carolina. One of Kevin’s current friends just O.D. Or did he…as we come to find out, there may be witnesses who know what happened to Faith. Can’t wait for next week! 

We created a character map as best as we could for everyone to help follow along. Kevin is the only person to connect both murders. However, could Jennifer have threatened Diana or Richie that she would tell the police about Reena? 

Podfluence Acquires Spotify and Rogan

Podfluence Makes First Acquisition and its a BIG ONE

Podfluence, a Boston based podcasting ad-agency, announced today their acquisition of Spotify’s podcasting business. While the details are still being worked out, it is rumored Joe Rogan is part of the deal. “We love Rogan, even though he has never returned our calls”, said co-founder Chris Powers. It’s also been whispered that Mike Rappaport is joining the company. 


What’s next for Podfluence?

In all jokes aside, we will be running a number of different campaigns in the coming months. If you have a podcast and are looking for advertisers, please contact us at 


Also thought this clip was pretty funny…enjoy

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True Crime Podcast Picks for March

Podcasts to Check out in March

This is our first time releasing new featured picks. We listen to many, many podcasts. We always try to feature lesser-known or new podcasts during our true crime Tuesday. But that does not mean other podcasts do not deserve mention. Large studios also make kick-ass content, and the podcasts below are an example. These are some of the best true crime podcasts and top podcasts of 2021.
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Mommy Doomsday by Dateline

Middle age woman with two husbands who passed under mysterious circumstances is the plot of a podcast. Now enters her fifth husband, who believes he was put on the earth to lead man out of Doomsday. Keith Morrison investigates the on-going case of Lori Vallow, who is accused of murdering her daughter and her fifth husband’s son. The case is disturbing, but the podcast is excellent

Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer

My personal favorite podcast out of the group. Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter take a new angle in the investigation of LISK. Was the original LISK investigation covered up or at least mishandled? The duo looks at the Suffolk County police and administration when the identification of LISK in 2011. At the center of the podcast is James Burke, who was the Chief of Police at the time. Sexual misconduct, civil rights violations, police corruption, are just some of the topics brought to light. A documentary also just dropped on Discovery+, and the last episode is this week!

Twisted History

This is our first recommendation for a Barstool podcast and likely not the last. Twisted History is not your typical true-crime podcast. Each episode, Large and Vibbs, cover the history of a certain topic–the death penalty, weapons, comedians, etc. They look to bring attention to some of the dark and swept-over parts of history. The recent History of Weapons is one of my favorite episodes so far. 

What’s Missing

Casefile is my favorite true-crime podcast, so naturally, I immediately checked out What’s Missing. The podcast is hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, who interviews family members who are missing loved ones. Loren herself knows the impact, as her brother disappeared in 2011. The stories told are heart-wrenching but give family members a platform. A very well-researched podcast, and Loren is an excellent narrator.

Podcast Review: The Clown and the Candyman

Two serial killers, Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy, thousands of miles apart, brutally murdered over 60 teenage boys. The police said the murders were the work of these sole deranged killers, but for the first time we reveal that they were actually connected by a network of pedophiles which was partially financed by prominent members of American society. This is America’s sordid secret.