Canadian True Crime

If CaseFile had a sister, it would be Canadian True Crime. The podcast follows a similar format and style: a different case each episode done by a single narrator with a fact-based approach (oh and the host is also from Australia) Kristi Lee narrates the podcast and solely focuses on heinous crimes, you guessed it; in Canada. When I first heard the podcast only focused on crimes in Canada, I was slightly turned off. I had no idea the number of horrific cases takes place across the Northern US border.

Unlike many other true crime podcasts, Kristi gives equal attention to all people affected by the crime. She thoroughly researches episode down to the last detail of the crime. A key focus is also honoring the victims and survivors of the case. I like that she explores how the crime affected not only people directly related but the broader community. I never thought about how something so terrible can impact so many people indirectly. When a serious crime is committed, it can completely change society and their sense of safety, all critical pieces she explores.

The podcast is pretty popular, and you can tell by the music and production quality. The podcast ranges from 60-90 minutes to be fairly digestible. Like other single narrator/ fact based True Crime podcasts, you may not enjoy it if you prefer multiple hosts, comedy and banter. However, if you like the first style, I would recommend giving this a download.

Recommended Listening: Episode 27: Angela Nicholson & Curtis Vey