Connecting Brands and Podcasts Together


Let’s face it, as listeners, we spend more time with podcasts than we do with our friends. Podfluence aligns sponsors with the interests and values of their brand. 

Podcast advertising delivers brands directly to their target audience through a trusted source. 

  • 50% of people between the ages of 22-48 year olds listen to a podcast at least once a month 

  • 24% of the population listens to a podcast  weekly 

There are millions (literally) of podcasts now that range from true crime to sports to fly fishing. Companies can work directly with podcasts to reach their key demographic. 

Why Are Brands Doing it

Podcasts follow the longest tail principle, meaning there is content available for any taste. Folks listen typically to an episode on a weekly or monthly basis, spending 30-60 minutes each episode. The host(s) discuss the topic and during the podcast, will endorse a brand: 

  • 70% of Brands Report Awareness 

  • 60% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they heard on a podcast

Influence- Brands are personally endorsed by podcasts hosts. Hosts have had to build their audiences up by content across all channels

Genuine– The hosts trying your product, sharing their experience 

Loyalty- Listeners tune in every week for 30-60 minutes. There is trust between the audience


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Great Podcasts + Relevant Brands= Engaged Consumers


 Building your audience is even more challenging than putting together each episode. You want to make sure any brand you partner with matches the values of your audience. At Podfluence, we connect podcasters with brands who match their ideal audience. Podcasts like to work with us rather than AdvertiseCast or others because:  

  1. Remain in control: Podfluence will never run an ad where the host does not approve of the brand 

  2. Guaranteed Payment: All payments will be made within 30 days (not net 30 or 45)

  3. Reporting: We partner with Chartable and others to deliver reporting to all clients, regardless of if your podcast has an active ad running.  

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