True Crime Events

Podcast Events

Right now, it’s hard to think of anything but being quarantined. However, we want to look ahead (and actually can’t stop) and look forward to some events to check out over the next year. We will continue to update this list, but here are some Podcast Events to look forward to: 

Podcast Brunch Club: Every Month

Already in over 70 cities, each month the group meets up to discuss a number of different selected podcasts based on a theme. Check out the website for more information and to find a group near you (there probably is one)


CrimeCon: May 1-3 2020 

CrimeCon 2020 will take place in Orlando Florida at the World Center Marriott. The event is one of the biggest (maybe THE) in the United States. The show is very interactive and includes both podcasts and guest speakers. to buy tickets or learn more Check Out the Event

 UK True Crime Con: June 27th 2020

Soon to be London’s Largest True Crime Festival, UK true Crime Con debuts this June. I’m very excited for some of the guests attending including CaseFile’s Mike Migas and some of the best independent true crime podcasts available. Check Out the Event

True Crime Podcast Festival 2020: July 11, 2020

True Crime Podcast Festival 2020 is the place where listeners have the chance to interact with their favorite true crime podcasts in Kansas City. The show includes panel discussions, live episodes, and insight into how your favorite shows create.  Check Out the Event