Podcast Review: The Case, Episode 7: Dottie & Yvette

The Case, Episode 6: Dottie & Yvette

After the exploration into Kevin’s relationships in episode six of The Case, Kirk and Steve spend the majority of this episode focusing on Jennifer Fay. The episode opens on a hopeful note from September 2005. Two of the private investigators focused on Jennifer’s case have received a tip that someone matching the description of Jennifer Fay in Corpus Christi, Texas. As Jennifer’s mother walks up the driveway to  confirm the identity, we as listeners are left hanging on a thread. Will this be the closure Jennifer’s family deserves after 16 years of searching for answers?



For background, Kirk interviews Charlie Castro and Michelle Littlefield, two private investigators that have worked the case for over 10 years. Charlie was on site in Corpus Christi to set the table for Jennifer’s mother to identify this mystery woman. As Jennifer’s mother made her way up the driveway to identify the woman, the tension was palpable. Unfortunately, this woman was not Jennifer Fay. Jennifer’s mother and family were crushed. But what is more interesting is the stories that the mystery woman and Jennifer’s mother share. These are two people who have certain elements of their lives conjoined in this moment. 

The focus of this episode is not only Jennifer’s family, but the challenges that they have faced over the course of the last three decades. Kirk shares stories of people who have claimed to know Jennifer, or seen Jennifer, even people who have claimed that they know who killed Jennifer. It’s a sad story of events. But not as sad as the investigation of Jennifer’s whereabouts by the Brockton Police.Just a few weeks before Jennifer went missing, the Chief of the Brockton Police Department was forced to resign after it was uncovered that he was stealing cocaine from the evidence room. There is no direct correlation that this event hampered Jennifer’s investigation, but this makes you wonder if this department had their priorities aligned to investigate effectively. Kirk lets his opinion be known in this episode. Law enforcement in Brockton had dropped the ball on this case.

As Kirk circles back on the prime suspect, Kevin, he interviews one of Kevin’s cousins who lived with him for some time. Kimberly, Kevin’s cousin, claims that she overheard Kevin say that he had murdered Jennifer Fay. In seven episodes, this is the closest we get to any kind of direct claim of Kevin’s involvement in Jennifer’s case. It’s an absolutely wild interview. 

With one episode left of The Case, I can’t wait to see how this wraps up. It is apparent in just 7 episodes of this podcast, Kirk and Steve have made more headway on the case than any of the local law enforcement authorities. As we turn the corner towards episode 8, there seems to be one piece of the puzzle missing, and Kirk is dedicated to finding this piece. Don’t miss The Case podcast, one of the best new podcasts of 2021!

Podcast Review: The Case, Episode Six: The Widower

The Case, Episode Six: The Widower

The Sixth Episode of The Case is 37 minutes long. As I worked my way through this intense episode, it became apparent at about the 15 minute mark that Kirk has made more headway on the disappearance of Jennifer Fay and Faith Roach than any of the previous investigations. After the bizarre interrogation of Kevin Maler, in which he states that he is a protector of women and those around him, Kirk explores how fraudulent these statements are. 



Episode Six of The Case, titled “Widower” focuses on four different women that had relationships with Kevin Maler. This is easily one of the most stark episodes of the case so far. Kevin was involved in two relationships in the years surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Fay, both of these women were underraged at the time. One of the women agreed to speak with Kirk and detailed that she had a relationship with Kevin at 15 years old. She fully admits that she was manipulated in this relationship and suffered physical and mental abuse during her time with Kevin, even after having two children with him. 

Later on in the episode Kirk speaks with Kevin’s oldest son, who quickly dispels any notion that Kevin was a good father. He admitted that he had not seen him for decades and that life under Kevin after his mother passed was miserable. I will spare you the details. Ultimately, Episode Six is an exploration into Kevin’s character, or lack thereof. Kirk even captures stories from Kevin’s own cousins who have memories of the abuse that women suffered while in a relationship with Kevin. 

As I mentioned earlier, within the first moments of this episode, Kirk was able to uncover real details of what it is like to be in a relationship with Kevin. Statutory rape, physical and mental abuse, and a complete lack of compassion are characteristics that Kirk has uncovered. It makes you wonder why local authorities didn’t ask more questions…

With two episodes left, we couldn’t be more interested to see how Season One of The Case wraps. Don’t forget to check out our other episode recaps of one of the best new podcasts of 2021. 

True Crime Podcast Picks for March

Podcasts to Check out in March

This is our first time releasing new featured picks. We listen to many, many podcasts. We always try to feature lesser-known or new podcasts during our true crime Tuesday. But that does not mean other podcasts do not deserve mention. Large studios also make kick-ass content, and the podcasts below are an example. These are some of the best true crime podcasts and top podcasts of 2021.
Let us know what you think about the picks below by dropping us a note at chris@podfluence.co or signing up for the newsletter. Interested in being featured? Drop a note!

Mommy Doomsday by Dateline

Middle age woman with two husbands who passed under mysterious circumstances is the plot of a podcast. Now enters her fifth husband, who believes he was put on the earth to lead man out of Doomsday. Keith Morrison investigates the on-going case of Lori Vallow, who is accused of murdering her daughter and her fifth husband’s son. The case is disturbing, but the podcast is excellent

Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer

My personal favorite podcast out of the group. Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter take a new angle in the investigation of LISK. Was the original LISK investigation covered up or at least mishandled? The duo looks at the Suffolk County police and administration when the identification of LISK in 2011. At the center of the podcast is James Burke, who was the Chief of Police at the time. Sexual misconduct, civil rights violations, police corruption, are just some of the topics brought to light. A documentary also just dropped on Discovery+, and the last episode is this week!

Twisted History

This is our first recommendation for a Barstool podcast and likely not the last. Twisted History is not your typical true-crime podcast. Each episode, Large and Vibbs, cover the history of a certain topic–the death penalty, weapons, comedians, etc. They look to bring attention to some of the dark and swept-over parts of history. The recent History of Weapons is one of my favorite episodes so far. 

What’s Missing

Casefile is my favorite true-crime podcast, so naturally, I immediately checked out What’s Missing. The podcast is hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, who interviews family members who are missing loved ones. Loren herself knows the impact, as her brother disappeared in 2011. The stories told are heart-wrenching but give family members a platform. A very well-researched podcast, and Loren is an excellent narrator.

Best Podcasts to Binge While Quarantined

Moms and Murder (Matter of Fact True Crime Podcasts like Crime Junkie)

No, that’s not what we are thinking after week 1 of the quarantine, although I have no experience as a mother. But all mothers this week are wearing multiple hats.  Mandy and Melissa produce a fantastic kick ass true-crime podcast that all moms should check out. The podcast has a similar tone to a book club discussion with witty friends. The pair also discusses their lives and the in-s and outs of parenting. Like all book clubs, Mom’s and Murder is balanced between case examination and general discussion. This duo keeps the discussion light by adding some humor to each episode. Highly recommend

Felonious Florida (Investigative True Crime Podcasts like Serial)

Felonious Florida is an investigative journalism-based podcast by the South Florida Star Sentinel in partnership with Wondery. With a slew of investigative podcasts out there, you will quickly learn why Felonious Florida is one of the best. Felonious Florida currently has two seasons flush with gruesome crime and fantastic journalism. In Season 1 Laura Arthur focuses on two separate cases involving murderers that could be walking the streets today. What I love about Felonious Florida is that host does an incredible job of making you feel the grittiness of the cases. The inaugural episode is centered around the murder of a local nightclub owner in South Florida. Season two is even better and Emma Kate Austin dives into some of the strangest cases I have ever heard – killer clowns…need I say more?

Dumb and Busted (Comedy True Crime Podcasts like My Favorite Murder)

Sometimes I find myself listening to too much serious True Crime Podcasts. With everything going on, I need a dam good laugh.  So, when we stumbled on Dumb and Busted, it was quite refreshing. It reminds me of the early days of MFM, except with a quite a bit more edge. They are real. Based out of Portland OR, they have me in tears during their show.  Allyson Koplin and Hannah Eather dropped their discussion-based podcast in 2018 and immediately established themselves as fixtures in the podcast community and only added fuel to the fire when they  added comedian Hunter Donaldson. Best part is they focus on lesser known crimes–so amongst the laughs you also hear about a new case.