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Podfluence True Crime Tuesday: The Case

The Case Season One: Boston

If you aren’t familiar with Kirk Minihane, a quick Google search will present you with a variety of search results highlighting his career in podcasting. I can summarize those search results quickly for you. Kirk Minihane is a podcasting and radio legend, who is well known for his raw, uncensored commentary on everything from sports to politics and pop culture. Although this is Kirk’s first true-crime podcast, it is not his first piece of investigative journalism. In 2018, Kirk unearthed a groundbreaking story about how Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe falsely claimed to be at the site of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Since that article was published, it was only a matter of time until Kirk put his investigative skills to work again. 



Kirk lets us know his intentions for The Case within minutes of the first episode: “This is not a true-crime podcast, this is an investigation.” He’s clearly someone that has familiarized himself with true-crime podcasts and identified what works well and what doesn’t work for listeners. The Case is jam-packed with interview snippets from journalists who covered the case, and friends and family members related to the subject of the case. 

Kirk mentions early in the first episode that he had a desire to start a true-crime podcast, and outlines some of the criteria for the case he selected. He wanted to keep it local to Massachusetts, a state that he grew up in and has lived for most of his life. After exploring several cases he finally landed on a cold case that he had never heard of before. In Season 1 of The Case, Kirk and his producer Steve, explore the story of a missing teenage girl, Jennifer Fay. Jennifer Fay went missing on the night of November 14th, 1989 in Brockton, Massachusetts. Jennifer was your typical, playful, 80’s teenage girl that was the life of everywhere she went. For years police considered Jennifer a runaway, but Kirk quickly flips that theory on its head minutes into The Case’s first episode. 

The first season of The Case is an eight-part investigative true-crime podcast that will explore and investigate the case of Jennifer Fay. The first episode clocks in just under 45 minutes and sets the precedent for The Case to become one of the best new true-crime podcasts. In just hours after the launch of The Case, it climbed to a top 10 spot across all podcast genres. The Case is poised to be one of the best podcasts of 2021. The combination of Kirk’s tenacity and dedication to the truth of the Jennifer Fay case make this a podcast you do not want to miss. 

Check out the case on Barstool Sports, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Podfluence Acquires Spotify and Rogan

Podfluence Makes First Acquisition and its a BIG ONE

Podfluence, a Boston based podcasting ad-agency, announced today their acquisition of Spotify’s podcasting business. While the details are still being worked out, it is rumored Joe Rogan is part of the deal. “We love Rogan, even though he has never returned our calls”, said co-founder Chris Powers. It’s also been whispered that Mike Rappaport is joining the company. 


What’s next for Podfluence?

In all jokes aside, we will be running a number of different campaigns in the coming months. If you have a podcast and are looking for advertisers, please contact us at chris@podfluence.co 


Also thought this clip was pretty funny…enjoy

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Podcast Review: Mysterious Circumstances Podcast

Mysterious Circumstances

I’ve noticed that there is a running theme in the podcasts I have been listening to recently. After months of limited human interaction during the lockdown, I’ve come to appreciate podcasts that bring a sense of humor and personality to each episode. This week’s feature, Mysterious Circumstances, is no different and has steadily become one of the best true-crime podcasts available. 




Mysterious Circumstance is a bi-weekly podcast that explores unsolved events that span true crime cases, the paranormal, and anything mysterious in between. As a frequent true-crime podcast listener, what I have found so refreshing is that Mysterious Circumstances is a bit unpolished, and that is a compliment. Which is exactly the approach that host Justin takes to this great true-crime podcast. Mysterious Circumstances is described as taking a “pirate radio” style approach. Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that operates without a valid license, allowing the station to broadcast whatever they would, which can be lawless at times. And let me tell you, with the cases and approach Justin takes, Mysterious Circumstances is unquestionably a lawless podcast. 

Since its launch in 2017, Mysterious Circumstances has grown its following over the last few years with good old grit and determination, and volume. Since 2017, Justin has released over 165 episodes of Mysterious Circumstances. And given the types of cases that are discussed, there is definitely plenty of content to support that type of volume. Justin’s approach is clearly that of a passionate podcaster and fan of the mysterious. Listeners will have fun listening to cases ranging from the mysterious death of rockstar Bobby Fuller, the life of Marlyn Monroe, the life and death of Wyatt Earp, and quite a few focused on UFOs and the paranormal. Mysterious Circumstances also offers a wide variety of interviews with true crime and paranormal authors. 

Justin’s approach might not be for everyone, especially those who listen to their podcasts with kids in the car. But that’s what makes Mysterious Circumstances one of the best true crime podcasts of 2021. Justin doesn’t hold back in his approach and comments during case discussions, keeping the podcast extremely entertaining. Episodes can range from 30 minutes to over an hour based on the type of case being covered. Mysterious Circumstances has moved its way into my weekly rotation and will continue to be one of my favorite podcasts of 2021.  

Check out Mysterious Circumstances on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Podcast Review: Those Murder Girls

Those Murder Girls

We know that tons of people took the time in 2020 to focus on themselves and their passions. Luckily, a lot of people seem to be extremely passionate about podcasting. Which is great news for podcast fans. So far in 2021, Podfluence has reviewed a variety of great new podcasts that have launched over the past year. One podcast, in particular, has brightened up my Fridays with their weekly releases. Those Murder Girls has quickly become one of the best new podcasts of the last year and we couldn’t be more excited to share our thoughts. 



Launching in July of 2020, Those Murder Girls is a narrative-based true-crime podcast that combines deep factual research with lighthearted commentary. Listeners will also be excited to learn about new cases that they may not be as familiar with. Those Murder Girls is hosted and written by co-creators Reyna and Marie. Reyna and Marie create an easy listening experience for true-crime podcast fans as they have undeniable chemistry and fantastic tonality on the microphone. Aside from having great hosts, Those Murder Girls is driven by great production. 

It’s clear that this is a true-crime podcast that was created by some serious true crime enthusiasts. Each week Reyna and Marie will walk listeners through some of the countries most mysterious cases, cold case files, and unsolved murder cases. Each case is approached with deep research and often times with help from the families in hopes to shed light and bring justice to some lesser-known cases. 

Since their launch in 2020, Those Murder Girls have released over 30 episodes, with new episodes dropping each Friday. Listeners will expect to hear cases like that of Tina Faelz, a young girl whose life was cut short in a tragic manner; Arlis Perry, whose body was discovered at Stanford University; and a story of a Russian serial killer known as the “Granny Ripper.” As you can tell, there are a wide variety of cases for listeners to check out. 

Those Murder Girls is quickly becoming one of the best podcasts of 2021. I look forward to their new episode every Friday. It also makes for the perfect Friday/Weekend podcast as episodes typically run anywhere from 20-30 minutes, making this the perfect podcast to binge while running errands or doing some chores around the house. Check out Those Murder Girls as their website, Instagram, and Facebook

True Crime Podcast Picks for March

Podcasts to Check out in March

This is our first time releasing new featured picks. We listen to many, many podcasts. We always try to feature lesser-known or new podcasts during our true crime Tuesday. But that does not mean other podcasts do not deserve mention. Large studios also make kick-ass content, and the podcasts below are an example. These are some of the best true crime podcasts and top podcasts of 2021.
Let us know what you think about the picks below by dropping us a note at chris@podfluence.co or signing up for the newsletter. Interested in being featured? Drop a note!

Mommy Doomsday by Dateline

Middle age woman with two husbands who passed under mysterious circumstances is the plot of a podcast. Now enters her fifth husband, who believes he was put on the earth to lead man out of Doomsday. Keith Morrison investigates the on-going case of Lori Vallow, who is accused of murdering her daughter and her fifth husband’s son. The case is disturbing, but the podcast is excellent

Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer

My personal favorite podcast out of the group. Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter take a new angle in the investigation of LISK. Was the original LISK investigation covered up or at least mishandled? The duo looks at the Suffolk County police and administration when the identification of LISK in 2011. At the center of the podcast is James Burke, who was the Chief of Police at the time. Sexual misconduct, civil rights violations, police corruption, are just some of the topics brought to light. A documentary also just dropped on Discovery+, and the last episode is this week!

Twisted History

This is our first recommendation for a Barstool podcast and likely not the last. Twisted History is not your typical true-crime podcast. Each episode, Large and Vibbs, cover the history of a certain topic–the death penalty, weapons, comedians, etc. They look to bring attention to some of the dark and swept-over parts of history. The recent History of Weapons is one of my favorite episodes so far. 

What’s Missing

Casefile is my favorite true-crime podcast, so naturally, I immediately checked out What’s Missing. The podcast is hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, who interviews family members who are missing loved ones. Loren herself knows the impact, as her brother disappeared in 2011. The stories told are heart-wrenching but give family members a platform. A very well-researched podcast, and Loren is an excellent narrator.

Podfluence True Crime Tuesday: 90s Crime Time

90s Crime Time

As a product of the ’90s, it’s easily my favorite decade. I mean who couldn’t love a decade that had Space Jam, Pokemon, Titanic, and MTV’s TRL, among a billion other awesome things. That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the best podcasts of 2021 is the 90s Crime Time podcast. 



What started out as a simple Instagram page has blown up to be one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the last year. 90s Crime Time is a narrative-style true-crime podcast that covers cases that have taken place during the 1990s. Specifically, 1990-1999. But what’s particularly fantastic about 90s True Crime is its host, Simone.

Simone had started 90s Crime Time as in Instagram page posting about cases in October 2019. As she gained followers and people became more interested in the content, they kept asking for a podcast. So Simone blessed all of her followers in February of 2019 with her first episode. And let me tell you, 90s fans have flocked to 90s Crime Time. What fans will love about 90s Crime Time is that Simone will explore a wide variety of cases: from theft to kidnapping and murder to name a few. Listeners will likely hear about cases they are both familiar and unfamiliar with. Some of the more popular cases that Simone will cover are cases like the Stardust Casino casino robbery, the murder of Diane Nash, and the murder of journalist Jill Dando. 

Simone is a fantastic host who is a dedicated true crime fan that focuses on the facts of each case and discusses the societal impact at the time. It’s clear why 90s Crime Time has become one of the best new podcasts. Not only is Simone a die-hard fan of the 90s, but her passion shines through in each episode. Episodes typically range anywhere from 30-40 minutes making this the perfect podcast to binge on the weekend for new fans. 90s Crime Time has grown so quickly that it has even been featured by Cosmopolitan and Newsweek!

 Check out 90s Crime Time on Instagram, Facebook, and the podcast homepage. Don’t miss one of the fastest-growing true crime podcasts and one of our early picks as our best new podcast of 2021. 

Podcast Review: Killer Babes

Killer Babes

 The New England region of the US is located in the northeast part of the country and is compromised of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It’s an incredible area and known for its historical landmarks, sports teams, foliage, and Podfluence. Yes, we are biased in our love for the area. But New England is also home to tons of unsolved cases, mysteries, and shocking crimes. And that’s exactly why we think Killer Babes is one of the best new true-crime podcasts around. 


Who better to take for a trip through New England other than a few hometown girls. Candidly, hosts Katie and Kirby are the friends you didn’t know you needed. These best friends bring you right into the group with their relaxed and no holds barred approach. Katie and Kirby start their process by doing some initial research on a case, then when possible, travel to the location of a case to get a better feel for it. Killer Babes is a story of their experience and exploration and discussion on case details. 

Given how big the New England region is and how much history the area holds, there is a ton of material for Killer Babes to cover. Some of the famous cases you will hear about range from Aaron Hernandez to Lizzie Borden. They also even explore spooky towns in the area like Salem, MA. One of the episodes I was most interested in checking out was about the mysterious Danvers State Hospital. 

Since their first episode in February of 2019, Killer Babes has over 50 episodes and cemented its footprint as a great comedy true-crime podcast. I think it could become one of the best podcasts in the genre as they continue to grow and become great podcasters. With episodes ranging from 30-60 minutes, listeners will be able to throw an episode on at any time of the day. 

Killer Babes might be creeping up on our list of best podcasts of 2021 so don’t sleep on these Killer Babes and check them out weekly for new episodes! Check them out on Twitter and Instagram




Podcast Review: Murder in the Rain

Murder in the Rain

There are a few areas in the world where we just expect wild things to happen – the Bermuda Triangle, Everest, Florida, and other well known mysterious areas. An area we don’t often talk about as a focus of true crime is the Pacific Northwest in the United States. It’s named after the geographic region bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Rocky Mountains on the east. Oregon, Idaho, and Washington are the states you can think of in this area. This region has been occupied by a diverse array of cultures for thousands of years. With some much history, this region is the perfect setting for a true-crime podcast, and where Murder In the Rain focuses much of their efforts.


What listener’s will find so addicting about Murder in the Rain upon pushing play is an absolute passion and love for what they do. There is no denying that podcasters, by nature, are passionate people. However, true crime podcasts seem to always have that next level of passion for what they do, and the team at Murder in the Rain exemplifies this. 

Hosts Emily and Alisha present their podcast in a fantastic narrative form and do a great job of incorporating authors, psychologists, detectives, and other special guests along the way. Admittedly, I was instantly drawn in from the sound quality and audio production done by show producer Josh. This trio clearly loves true crime and are highly interested in the topics discussed.

Since launching in April of 2019, Murder in the Rain has not been afraid of changing their format up either and a reason why they are a top podcast. The length of the episodes on average is 45 minutes, with many of them stretching beyond as they may need to serve the material. But what they have done successfully is not to commit to a certain style of the podcast. There are a variety of 2 parter episodes, case discussions with authors, victim advocate interviews, and other types of pods. Most recently, they shared a 90-minute episode that covered 3 different unsolved cases that all happened around bodies of water. Of course, that was to help kick off the summer and is one of the best true crime podcasts. 

Give Murder in the Rain a listen and remember to subscribe, rate, and review. It’s important to support podcasts done by true-crime podcast fans, for true-crime fans. We’re eager to see big things from Murder in the Rain as it continues to climb the charts!

Podcast Review: UK True Crime

Every Tuesday

Going on it’s fourth year now, UK True Crime has established itself as a household name in the true crime community. If you are not familiar with the podcast, check out it’s latest episode. I look forward to checking out a new episode every Tuesday. The content, narration, case details and dry humour make it part of my 30 minute lunch break every week. 

The cases and criminals examined are not your run of the mill serial killer montages, but more interesting, lesser-known cases that will likely be new to your true crime universe. One of my favorite aspects of this show is that I am learning about new cases each week. As someone who listens to a heavy dose of true crime podcasts, I have yet to find any overlap in topics. It’s one of the best true crime podcasts.

Each episode host Adam will bring you back to the exact point in history the crime took place in. References to #1 charted song in the US & UK at the time and news clippings help provide the listener with historical context (don’t be afraid to stream the song on YouTube either). As insinuated in the title, UK True Crime covers a variety of cases spread throughout the country. Cases topics range from homicides and murderers to domestic disputes and even a great episode about a bizarre case of a football club. It’s one of the top podcasts of 2020. 

Adam is clearly passionate about each case and it shows in his research and his ability to deliver the information as a singular narrator. He is often joined by true crime authors or experts in their respective fields of expertise to aid with research and provide a broader context. At the conclusion of each episode, Adam tasks listeners to think about the actions and moral basis of each case. 

UK True Crime offers everything you could ask for in a podcast. Listeners will find themselves binge listening to this podcast very quickly as each episode is around 25-30 minutes long and is well researched and entertaining. Adam has quickly become one of my favorite podcast hosts and UK True Crime has become a must-listen when a new episode drops.