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Equipment Recommendation: Samson Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can start their own podcast. That is – anyone that has a microphone. It’s no surprise that a microphone is needed to get the ball rolling on your podcast adventure. However, if you are new to the podcasting outlet, or don’t have much audio experience, the gear journey can be a burden. We’d like to make that journey a bit easier and offer up one consideration for your microphone of choice. 

If you are looking to try out podcasting for the first time and have started researching microphone options then you have quickly realized that there is an overwhelming volume of options and price stages. Simply put, the Samson Q2U provides podcasters a cost-effective, flexible, professional option. 

The Samson Q2U comes with 2 recording output options – an XLR or USB. Most new podcasters may find the USB option most helpful as it will require the least amount of overhead. Additionally, the metal casing provides gives the microphone a professional look and feel. The set comes with a tabletop mic stand that will be necessary to capture the best audio possible. 

The durability and simplicity at this price point is simply tough to beat. When we were in the initial phases of helping some friends build a podcast we tried out a few options and landed on the Samson Q2U for its price and quality. You will find it tough to find a similar microphone that offers the kind of flexibility and quality that the Q2U does. 

This is a Podfluence recommended product.

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