What Will Happen in the Podcast Industry in 2021?

2021 will be the year of content acquisition. Netflix, Disney+ and others are about to enter podcasting

Podcast Spotlight: Pi_Rational

Podfluence interview with pi_rational

A few weeks ago we featured and reviewed a different type of podcast than you would typically see on Podfluence. That said, pi_rational has quickly become one of our favorite podcasts that we have stumbled on this year. This fictional series strays away from our typical true crime recommendation, but there’s a good reason for it…pi_rational is a work of art. 

This anthology series explores a different fictional story each season. With a new Christmas themed episode dropping on December 22nd, we recently sat down with podcast writer Kat to learn more about what inspired the idea for pi_rational and how the podcast has grown over the course of the past year. 

Check out our Q+A and stay tuned for pi_rational’s new Christmas episode: Sacrifice – A Witch’s Christmas Story!



Podfluence: What inspired you to start your show? What were some of your influences?

I always appreciated a great story and love fiction. It became clear to me that the fiction genre had started to shift away from books and onto other media, such as podcasts. I wanted to be a part of this movement and to provide a great and fun listening experience to others. It so happened that I was a fan of Crawlspace podcasts, and it made sense to become a part of the network since their goal was also to engage others and help them establish themselves. If it was not for Crawlspace I would probably never have started the podcast in the first place, so certainly a huge influence on Pi_Rational. They saw the potential and also wanted to dive into the world of Pi. 

Podfluence: What paths have you taken to grow your audience?

I try to engage on social media as much as possible. I also work with other podcasts on the network to spread the word. 

Podfluence: Is there a special episode of yours that you recommend new listeners to check out? 

I have a special attachment to every season because I wrote all the stories. I’ve always been very attached to Season 2, which is the story called “Bathtub”; it is the first story I had ever written. 

Podfluence: What has it been like to be a part of the Crawlspace Network? What is your favorite podcast on the Crawlspace network (besides your own)?

Without the support of Crawlspace network, and especially Lance, pi_rational would never exist. I have always appreciated the guidance and the honest feedback that I get. I think all the podcasts on the Crawlspace network are great to work with and we are keen on helping each other grow. 

It is so difficult to answer the last question because there are so many great shows! I would have to go with “Even the Podcast is Afraid”. I love their funny banter and their ability to make even the hardest topic easy to digest. The topics are thought-provoking and well written. 

Podcaster Spotlight: Naama Kates of Incel

Naama Kates of Incel

We were admittedly late to the party, but Incel has quickly become one of the more fascinating listens in our podcast lineup. It takes a very special person to take on such a complex topic. But that’s exactly what host Naama Kates is! We recently connected with Naama to learn more about what inspired her to start Incel, and what her podcasting journey has been like over the last 2 years. Check out our Podcaster Spotlight for Naama Kates of Incel!

Podfluence: What inspired you to start your show? What were some of your influences?

I actually started getting really into podcasts at the end of 2018 with Tim and Lance’s “Missing Maura Murray,” which was wisely recommended by my Apple podcast directory. I knew a bit about the story as a fellow true crime fan from New England, and I’m also a very “deep dive” kind of person so the fact that it was all about one case was enthralling. I have a background in film and I’ve produced and directed in that medium, so I became really interested in the challenge of vividly telling a story with only audio. Shows like Serial, Dirty John, S-town, and Caliphate were really influential with their use of interviews, editing, music, and sound design. I kind of knew I wanted to work in that space and found the subject of incels just fascinating and unexplored… but actually, I’d started having and recording my conversations with one incel without consciously realizing why. I played them for a friend and they said, you have to make a documentary or something out of this, and that’s how it began!

Podfluence: What paths have you taken to grow your audience?

Choosing guests who have some following with whom I can cross-promote is a great way, including other podcasters who cover interesting topics (CSN obviously has a bunch of great ones) or content creators of other kinds, from YouTube, radio, or blogs. I’m also fortunate to have picked a pretty niche topic (and named my show with that single word!) which has been the subject of some very serious news lately, so it’s gotten attention in many academic, law enforcement, and political circles. Early on the show got a New York Times write-up which was immensely helpful too.  

Podfluence: Is there a special episode of yours that you recommend new listeners to check out? 

I think that ep. 1: “Bluepilled AF,” ep. 6: “GoneER,” and ep. 8: “The True Believer” are all great places to start for true crime fans and for the story… and maybe ep. 15: “The Chadfishing Experiment,” for something a bit lighter. 

Podfluence: What has it been like to be a part of the Crawlspace Network? What is your favorite podcast on the Crawlspace network (besides your own)?

As I mentioned, Crawlspace is where I first developed my taste for podcasts, even as a fan, so being a part of the network is really a dream come true. Tim and Lance, our pod bosses, are so easygoing and helpful, and smart and funny, and as with every production, the tone of the organization is established at the center and runs throughout, so I think everyone involved is wonderful too, and I’m honored to be included in this group of fantastic shows. Among my favorites are MMM and Crawlspace, Empty Frames, LA Not So Confidential, and Criminal Perspective. 

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Interview with DIE-ALOGUE

If you’ve been keeping up with Podfluence over the last few weeks then you may be familiar with the very impressive podcasts featured on the Crawlspace Media Network. If you are familiar with true crime podcasts, then the name Rebekah Sebastian might ring a bell. And if it doesn’t – and you are a true-crime fan, you should familiarize yourself with her amazing podcast Die-Alogue and her Yellow Tape trivia show. But don’t take our word for it (but you should check out our review)!

We recently sat down with Rebekah to learn more about what inspired her podcasting journey, recommended Die-Alogue episodes, and what else she’s listening to!


Podfluence: What inspired you to start your show? What were some of your influences?

After 2 years of hosting YELLOW TAPE: a true crime trivia show, which is a live, interactive show, I noticed my audience was often wanting to talk about the cases or topics we covered during the game. So even though I worried the world didn’t need another true-crime podcast, I went ahead anyway, because I felt there was room for an interview format true crime show.

I’m probably influenced by every podcaster I love but because of the interview style of DIE-ALOGUE, I really look to people I consider great interviewers like: Dax Shepard, Terry Gross, James Lipton, and Kelly Ripa.

Podfluence: What paths have you taken to grow your audience?

I am doing all the usual suspects- social media, email newsletter, promoting within podcast specific FB groups, and swapping promos with other like-minded podcasters. Most recently, I have been dabbling in Reddit and engaging “Redditors” there which is a whole new experience. I am finding it a helpful place to introduce my show to people who are interested in the topics that come up on DIE-ALOGUE. On my most recent google analytics report, Reddit is now the third source of traffic to my website!

Podfluence: Is there a special episode of yours that you recommend new listeners to check out? 

Impossible. Can’t answer! Ok, let me try; if a listener cares about criminal justice reform or current events, they might enjoy my interview with Matthew Horace, retired Law enforcement officer and author of a book called Black and Blue – it was a great conversation about policing in America. ( episode 56)  For something totally different, I have interviewed some of my own personal favorite podcasters like Justin Evans from Generation Why, and Tiffany Reese from Something Was Wrong Podcast. ( episode 24)Also, if cults are your thing, every episode in October was a deep dive into cults with experts Rick Alan Ross and Dr. Janja Lalich.

Podfluence: What has it been like to be a part of the Crawlspace Network? What is your favorite podcast on the Crawlspace network (besides your own)?

It’s been great – the network is a supportive community and we are like a podern family. 🙂 We are always trying to find ways to build each show within the network, and Tim and Lance are great leaders and friends to all of us. They are all great shows,  but I particularly love LA not so confidential because I am really interested in the WHY and who better to learn that from then forensic psychologists? Also, Criminal Perspective is great and Chris Duett, the host, is a fantastic interviewer!

Spotlight: CrawlSpace Media

CrawlSpace Media

The year 2013 had some very interesting highlights. Dennis Rodman kicked it in North Korea, House of Cards won an Emmy, Lance Armstrong admitted he was a cheater, and Tim and Lance began their extensive journey to explore the case of Maura Murray. Maura Murray was a 21-year-old college student who went missing after crashing her car on a cold New England night. The case coincided with the beginning of social media, and sparks fascination to this day.

As Tim and Lance began to promote their forthcoming documentary, they decided to start a podcast to help raise awareness about Maura Murray and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. The podcast launched in 2015 just as Serial concluded. Serial ushered in a new era for podcasts, and especially for true crime podcasts. After the series concluded, there was a void in content for listeners who wanted to find their next binge-worthy true-crime podcast. 

Missing Maura Murray rapidly grew in popularity and climbed the iTunes charts. The thorough research and professional quality lead to Oxygen Network’s production of the documentary series “The Disappearance of Maura Murray” in 2017. Tim and Lance launched another podcast called Crawl Space. A podcast that takes deep dives into a variety of unsolved mysteries and crimes. After producing multiple pieces of media, the duo launched CrawlSpace Media. Fast forward to 2020, and Crawlspace Media has become synonymous with fantastic podcasts and great filmmaking. 

Today, almost 20 podcasts fall under the Crawlspace Media umbrella, ranging from fantasy football to true crime, and even a fictional series. Given their library of podcasts, a documentary series, and ever growing interest in uncovering new cases. the company is always looking for talented individuals. It’s what makes them different from any other network we’ve worked within the past. In the past year, Crawlspace Media has added a significant number of podcasts to the network and those podcasts have seen tremendous growth in the charts. This is a team, a community, and a dedicated family of podcasters who are truly all working together to make the wild-west of podcasting a better world for us all. With both a podcast and film components, Crawlspace has tons to offer to fans. 

Throughout the upcoming weeks, Podfluence will be featuring reviews and podcaster Q+A’s for a number of Crawlspace Media podcasts!

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