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Southern Nightmare

A must listen about a little known serial killer. One of the best series available

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Black Hands

The most notorious case to ever rock New Zealand

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Even the Podcast Is Afraid

Even the Podcast is Afraid: New True Crime Comedy A review like this needs a disclaimer before we go any further. Take everything that you thought you knew about a true-crime podcast, and throw that out the window. Even the Podcast is Afraid is a game-changer to the Comedy True Crime sub-genre. Some podcasts struggle...

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When listening to the podcast, I feel like I am sitting across from him at a campfire telling each other horror stories. He narrates this weekly podcast over the course of thirty minutes, focusing on a new case each episode.

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They Walk Among Us- UK True Crime

They Walk Among Us- UK True Crime We are living in a crazy year right now. 2020 is purely insane. But so was 2016… There was a US election, the Brexit referendum – and the shining star? They Walk Among Us was born; and has become one of the biggest hits in the UK. This...

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pi_rational stories

pi_rational stories We spend a lot of time at Podflience talking about true crime podcasters and their amazing pods. But for this review, we are going to take a slight left turn from true crime and focus on a fictional series. To first understand Pi_Rational Stories, you need to table your expectations for a fictional...

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Dirty John

The host is a reporter for the LA crimes and takes the viewer through this creepy and factual story about a modern day con artist and psycho path. It includes interviews with the victims, commentary, and a great ride. Very well researched but you probably will not be going on any internet dates after.

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10 Things That Scare Me

10 Things That Scare Me is a tiny podcast about our biggest fears. In each episode, one person talks. Alone in a room. It could be anyone. It could be you. It’s someone driven by fears that keep them up at night, that define their lives, and inform their choices. This is a podcast about them, about you, about us, and the world we inhabit together. New episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Those Conspiracy Guys

Those Conspiracy Guys I’m typically a fan of pure play narrative true crime podcasts. I have tried a few different true crime comedy podcasts over the last few years and nothing has seemed to stick with me. Until discovered Those Conspiracy Guys. I must have been living under a rock—Those Conspiracy Guys is one of...

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