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Investigative True Crime Podcasts

Are you looking for to binge podcast that covers one particular topic like a mini-series? Check out our curated list of our favorite investigative true crime podcasts

Maura was a 21 year old student in February 2004 when she inexplicably drove three hours from her dorm in Amherst, Massachusetts to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and vanished. At around 7:30pm, her vehicle was involved in a single-car, non-life-threatening accident at a hairpin turn on a dark & desolate Route 112. She has not been seen or heard from since. Check out our podcast review and favorite episode here

The Cocaine Smuggling Ring Inside VICE Media. Check out our podcast review and favorite episode here

The LISK (Long Island Serial Killer) investigation began in May 2010 with the disappearance of sex worker Shannan Gilbert. In the following months, Suffolk County Police uncovered human remains from nine more murders, including those of the “Gilgo 4,” all sex workers whose bodies were disposed of similarly. Check out our podcast review and favorite episode here

In a forgotten London underworld, a homeless Irishman kills multiple times without detection, unseen in a world where nobody seems to care. A true crime series from RTE in Ireland and Third Ear in Denmark. Check out our podcast review and favorite episode here

Abby and Libby – 2 young girls murdered. Investigators are searching for the killer using their best clue: a recording of his voice from one of the victims’ phones ordering the girls Down the Hill. Almost three years later, it’s a mystery that still haunts the small town of Delphi, Indiana while police say the killer may walk among them. Check out our podcast review and favorite episode here