Best True Crime Comedy Podcasts

The Spring Collection: Best True Crime Comedy Podcasts

Each season we release our favorite comedy true crime podcasts. There are hundreds of different podcasts in this space. The five podcasts below are our picks for the Spring. Enjoy! 

Host and producer Gordon Rochford has done a tremendous job carving out a special place in the podcast universe. Gordon and a guest(s) typically discuss a case with a conspiracy angle. Gordon is a natural interviewer, and draws comedy out of his guests. The first half hour or so is used by Gordon to catch up with his guests and introduce them, and then dive into the discussion. Some guests are better known comedians, tour guides etc.  Once the stage is set, the conversation naturally flows into the actual case. This is one of our favorites.

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Take everything that you thought you knew about a true-crime podcast, and throw that out the window. Even the Podcast is Afraid is a game-changer to the Comedy True Crime sub-genre. Some podcasts struggle to find their footing walking the balance beam of true crime and comedy, but Even the Podcast is Afraid has laid the groundwork on how to do this respectfully.

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NECRONOMiPOD podcast (try saying that five times fast) is a weekly true crime podcast with three friends, Ian, Mike, and Dave. The trio meet to crack some beers and talk about serial killers, Scientology, area 51, cults, UFOs, conspiracies, and domestic terrorists. Cases include famous serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and the Golden State Killer and Order of the Temple, Chris Benoit, and the Bell Witch. My favorite episodes were about the Oklahoma City Bombing podcast. I found this to be particularly interesting because I was not familiar with the lead up of Timothy McVeigh. 

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Morbid is an anthology-style true-crime podcast that blends case discussions with a hint of comedy. This is a podcast that is truly a labor of love by its hosts. Hosts Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley bring a ton of personality to their podcast. Morbid is basically made for true crime fans. Alaina and Ash have a “love” for true crime, horror, creepy history, and “anything spooky as hell.” 

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Small Town Murder is hosted by comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman. The duo is upfront about the purpose of the show – it’s strictly comedy. Each week the pair focus on a crime that takes place in a small town—and  pick on the people who live there, the crappy detective work, and the cultural nuances.

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Do you have know a great comedy true crime? Do you have a podcast? Drop us a note to be considered for either True Crime Tuesday or our Summer picks! Check out our entire library of true crime comedy podcasts here

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