The Case: Episode 5

The CASE: Episode 5 Podcast Review

Five episodes down and three to go. For those who are Minifans, Kirk finally flashes some of the mannerisms you’ve come to love. For those new to Kirk, prepare for some great sarcasm and insight.

The “interrogation” primarily takes place in a hotel conference center. Kevin is scheduled to clear his name by taking a polygraph test. An independent examiner arrived to administer the test. Leading up to the test Kevin was excited, sending many messages across social media. Kirk and Steve flew down from Boston to talk with Kevin after the test. Big lead up…

Kevin ended up smoking meth the night before and decided to take heroin to calm down. Sounds normal right? This is a much different life than I live so I am not making fun of Kevin in anyway. But it’s a bit suspicious he decides to get high the night before and takes a downer before the test. Which results in Kevin falling asleep during the test, three separate times.

Although Kirk is reasonably frustrated, he tries to salvage the interview with Kevin. While they engage in casual conversation, Kevin talks about his past relationships. Kirk catches him in a lie multiple times. He does an excellent job of not calling out Kevin, but instead talks to the listener (great editing). At times I found myself swearing at Kevin in frustration for the lies and his constant self-pity party. This is one of the best interviews I have heard in any true crime podcast.

Kevin emerges as the undisputed prime suspect. You can’t believe a word he says and the evidence is mounting.

I came across an excellent character map on Reddit by user r/jentlyjackjones

If you are not already subscribed, check out the case sub-reddit to talk with other fans of the podcast. Full map is here

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