Podcast Review: The Case, Episode Four: April & Kevin

The Case, Episode Four: April & Kevin

With the release of episode four of The Case, we have reached the halfway point of this series, and Kirk and Steve are in the thick of it. Although the first season of The Case is focused on the disappearance of Jennifer Fay, that’s not the only case that Kirk is exploring. What’s become apparent throughout the first half of this season is that the Jennifer Fay case is merely a starting point that is leading us down a dark path of the underbelly of our society. 



Episode Four of the Case brings us back to Walhalla, South Carolina, where Kirk and Steve explore the mysterious deaths of April Norton Jones and Kevin Kyle Craig. At first sight, it seems that both deaths were drug related. But as Kirk mentions early in episode four, anyone with a brain could have looked at the coroner’s report for April to see that this was more than just a simple drug overdose.

To this point, The Case has done a tremendous job in providing the listener with the appropriate background in all the players. Kirk paints the picture of what life looks like in these drug riddled communities and how it affects the actions of the members of those communities. The majority of the episode is spent examining the lives of April and Kevin, and interviewing their family members and friends for their view on what may have led to their passing. Interestingly enough, both parties seem to lead back to one person…but we’ll leave that for Kirk and Steve to share. 

Let us know what you think of The Case so far and stay tuned for our weekly reviews! 

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