The Case: Episode 3 & Suspect Map

Episode 3: Diana

Episode 3 of the case did not disappoint. Kirk went back to Brockton and introduced Diana Natalie. Also- I know the spelling may be off so be patient. Diana was a neighbor of Jennifer whose son was friends with Kevin. Kevin and Richie were friends growing up in Brockton. In Richie’s basement was Reena, a mentally handicapped woman Dianna chained up. All three were aware of Reena’s existence. 

At this point Kevin remains the most likely suspect, however Diana is evil. Everyone Kirk interviewed with was afraid of her. Kevin, who was in his prime back when Jennifer disappeared is still terrified of Dianna. Besides having a human salve, could she also be a murderer? This does not seem far off. Kirk teases the idea of this theory. However , at the end of the episode we flip back to South Carolina. One of Kevin’s current friends just O.D. Or did he…as we come to find out, there may be witnesses who know what happened to Faith. Can’t wait for next week! 

We created a character map as best as we could for everyone to help follow along. Kevin is the only person to connect both murders. However, could Jennifer have threatened Diana or Richie that she would tell the police about Reena? 

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