Podcast Review: Looking for the Todt Family

Looking for the Todt Family

I remember the moment vividly. It was just after New Years’ in 2020, maybe the second week of January. I was on my daily commute which includes a Twitter scroll on public transportation so I don’t have to make eye contact with anyone first thing in the morning. That morning my feed was filled with stories about a Connecticut family that now lived in Florida who were unresponsive to their entire family. It seemed bizarre at first glance. A family with 3 small children and a dog were not responding to messages from their extended family in the Northeast, with seemingly no answers. Until a few days later, when the father, Tony Todt, was seen being taken out of their Florida home in cuffs. 




Given my high level of interest in this case, I was excited and nervous as I pushed play on Looking for the Todt Family, a weekly true-crime podcast investigating the Todt family murders. Looking for the Todt Family is produced by The Day newspaper, a local newspaper based out of New London, Connecticut. This is primarily an investigative true-crime podcast that digs for answers beyond the national headlines that carried this story. It will become clear to listeners early on that some of the facts in this case just don’t add up and will constantly leave you asking “why?”

Looking for the Todt Family is a masterclass in investigative true crime podcasting, and it starts with its fantastic hosts. This is because listeners are being led through this investigation by true professionals. This podcast is hosted by Taylor Hartz and Sten Spinella who are both reporters at The Day. Taylor is a breaking news reporter and Sten covers government and politics for The Day. With their combination of experience and interest in the case, episodes are spent exploring case materials and interviewing family and friends associated with the Todt family, which allows the listener to understand all aspects of the case. As you can imagine, this is not easy information to deliver and both Taylor and Sten approach all facets of the case with the upmost respect. One of the most fascinating interviews over the course of the podcast is with Tony Todt’s father, Robert Todt, who has his own story that relates to this case in an interesting way. 

In a year that has been flush with awesome new true-crime podcasts, Looking for the Todt Family easily stands out. Not only is the investigation and exploration from Taylor and Sten on point, but the narration and production value are also stand out aspects of this podcast. With episodes clocking in at around 45 minutes, this is one of the most binge-able podcasts of the new year. Looking for the Todt Family hits all aspects of a great investigative true-crime podcast and is quickly becoming one of the best podcasts of the new year. 

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