Podcast Review: West Cork


From the remote shores of the Emerald Isle, a horrific murder took place in 1996 in the Irish town of Schull. West Cork is an investigative true crime podcast about the unsolved (ish) death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. Sophie was the wife of a French film producer who was found murdered over Christmas break. A big shout out to Acast for retrieving this podcast and distributing it across all major podcast platforms (well almost every, wtf Spotify?). This was one of the best true crime podcasts in 2018 and sure to be a top podcast of 2021.

West Cork was initially released in 2018 as an original Audible podcast, meaning listeners could only find the podcast on audible. However, over the past month, this top true crime podcast was re-released. The podcast was created by investigative journalist Sam Bungey and documentarian Jennifer Forde if you have not heard it already. The duo looks to explore the unsolved crime, which is infamous across Cork and the entire island.

Schull is a remote community set in Cork. The seaside town is set at the southwest corner of Ireland in the shadows of Mount Gabriel. It’s a small-knit community where everyone knows everyone. Sophie and her husband bought a vacation home, and the town swirled with rumors about the two. The murder rocked the town, and the community began to point the finger at one suspect. The suspect (will not be named) continued to proclaim their innocence.

The podcast re-opens the cold case. It’s full of mystery, deception, law enforcement mistakes (Garda), and potential suspects. The duo interview residents, former police, and potential witnesses over thirteen 30 minutes episodes. As they dig more profound, more light is shed on the case from others. The difference between 1996 and 2018 (besides the President) is the power of the internet.

West Cork is an excellent binge for any true crime podcaster listener. The duo does an excellent job of painting the scene, including the Irish countryside. A suspect was recently arrested for the crime in part to the awareness the podcast brought. Check out other true crime podcasts to binge

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