Podfluence: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We receive many questions about Podfluence…here is an FAQ List about us for podcast listeners and podcasters: 


What is Podfluence? 

  • · Podfluence connects listeners to true crime podcasts. Podfluence delivers curated true crime podcasts to fans. Ever want to find a new true crime podcast but do not know where to begin? We are independent of the big publishers and networks. Our podcast picks range from large podcasts to lesser-known podcasts. Check out our subgenre library, weekly recommendations, podcaster interviews, and Spotify playlist. 

Why check out Podfluence

  •  Podfluence is for people who love true crime podcasts. Check out our curated library of true crime podcasts. We deliver a new podcast each week for subscribers. Check us out to learn more about your favorite podcasts through our newsletter or podcaster interviews. Give us a follow or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to learn more about the best true crime podcasts. 

Podfluence Monthly Featured Podcasts 

  • Each month we select four different podcasts. These are some of the best true crime podcasts. We feature the podcasts in our newsletter, website and on our Spotify Playlist. 

True Crime Tuesday 

  • Each week we feature a new true crime podcast. We release a podcast review each week. The goal is to introduce the podcast to a new group of listeners. If you want to be featured, drop us a note or DM. 

Are you looking for advertisers? 

  • Podfluence works with brands across the United States and the United Kingdom today. If you are a podcaster who is looking for advertising, drop us a note! 

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My name is Chris and I'm a co-founder at Podfluence. I love true crime podcasts and following this industry.

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