True Crime Podcast Picks for March

Podcasts to Check out in March

This is our first time releasing new featured picks. We listen to many, many podcasts. We always try to feature lesser-known or new podcasts during our true crime Tuesday. But that does not mean other podcasts do not deserve mention. Large studios also make kick-ass content, and the podcasts below are an example. These are some of the best true crime podcasts and top podcasts of 2021.
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Mommy Doomsday by Dateline

Middle age woman with two husbands who passed under mysterious circumstances is the plot of a podcast. Now enters her fifth husband, who believes he was put on the earth to lead man out of Doomsday. Keith Morrison investigates the on-going case of Lori Vallow, who is accused of murdering her daughter and her fifth husband’s son. The case is disturbing, but the podcast is excellent

Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer

My personal favorite podcast out of the group. Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter take a new angle in the investigation of LISK. Was the original LISK investigation covered up or at least mishandled? The duo looks at the Suffolk County police and administration when the identification of LISK in 2011. At the center of the podcast is James Burke, who was the Chief of Police at the time. Sexual misconduct, civil rights violations, police corruption, are just some of the topics brought to light. A documentary also just dropped on Discovery+, and the last episode is this week!

Twisted History

This is our first recommendation for a Barstool podcast and likely not the last. Twisted History is not your typical true-crime podcast. Each episode, Large and Vibbs, cover the history of a certain topic–the death penalty, weapons, comedians, etc. They look to bring attention to some of the dark and swept-over parts of history. The recent History of Weapons is one of my favorite episodes so far. 

What’s Missing

Casefile is my favorite true-crime podcast, so naturally, I immediately checked out What’s Missing. The podcast is hosted by Loren O’Keeffe, who interviews family members who are missing loved ones. Loren herself knows the impact, as her brother disappeared in 2011. The stories told are heart-wrenching but give family members a platform. A very well-researched podcast, and Loren is an excellent narrator.

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