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Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

How does the saying go…it’s better to be late to the party than never go at all? I am quite sure that I butchered that saying, but it’s the honest truth for this week’s feature. Since launching in 2018, Morbid has been one of the most popular true-crime podcasts. It consistently tops the charts and there is no denying why. All the best true-crime podcasts are either born from a dedication to the craft or from huge true crime fans. In the case of Morbid, they check off both of those boxes. I expect Morbid to continue to be a top podcast of 2021. 

Morbid is an anthology-style true-crime podcast that blends case discussions with a hint of comedy. This is a podcast that is truly a labor of love by its hosts. Hosts Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley bring a ton of personality to their podcast. Morbid is basically made for true crime fans. Alaina and Ash clearly have a love for true crime, horror, creepy history, and “anything spooky as hell.” 

True crime fans will love Morbid for the variety of cases that are covered. Alaina and Ash cover things like serial killers, unsolved mysteries, spooky history, paranormal happenings, and everything in between. Listeners will be familiar with topics like the Golden State Killer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, JonBenet Ramsey, and more. But what makes Morbid so fantastic is the dedication to the source material and accurate research. Alaina and Ash also blend their case discussion with the perfect sense of humor. Some comedy true-crime podcasts are unable to find that balance between humor and case discussion, but Morbid hits this out of the park. 

There’s no denying why Morbid has become one of the most popular true-crime podcasts of the last few years. Episodes will clock in anywhere from 60-90 minutes and consistently keep the listener engaged with their discussion and humor. Morbid is the perfect podcast for someone looking for a lighthearted approach to true crime. 

With such a hardcore fanbase there is no surprise why Morbid is one of the best true crime podcasts available today. When I discovered it in late 2020 it quickly jumped to the top of my list of best true crime podcasts of 2020 and will likely continue to be one of my go-to podcasts for 2021. 

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