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Talk about a perfect podcast to binge over the weekend. I stumbled across The Clown and the Candyman on Thursday after seeing it on Spotify. I added the first episodes to my downloads and played the first episode while doing laundry….then kept playing it until I finished the series Saturday evening. The Clown and the Candyman is one of the best true crime podcasts I’ve heard in a while and my favorite narrative true crime podcast this year. It’s epic while equally disturbing.

The Clown and the Candyman explores the crimes of two notorious serial killers–John Wayne Gacy and Dean Corll. Some may know John Wayne Gacy as the “killer clown” and was convicted of killing over 30 boys in Chicago in the 1980s. Unknown to him was a similar serial killer was operating thousands of miles away in Houston, Texas. Dean Corll—also known as the “Candyman” killer murdered over twenty teenage boys around the same time. Well, actually, was it unknown? The podcast investigates the similarities between these two killers and a possible connection between the two. Was there an underground sex trafficking ring taking place? Before you roll your eyes, google Francis Shelden, North Fox Island, or read this article by Business Insider. Now do I have your attention? This is the first time a connection is revealed between the two financed by some of society’s wealthiest members.

The Clown and the Candyman are hosted by Jacqueline Bynon and produced by Investigative Discovery. Besides great content, Jacqueline does fantastic job storytelling. She also uses first-hand accounts, past interview recordings, and retired detectives to explore both killers and the connection. The sound quality and production are top-notch. I’ve recommended this podcast to three people, and all have said it is their favorite podcast this year. My only knock would be that the podcast seems to be only available on Spotify at the moment.

Investigation Discovery’s Clown and the Candyman is one of the best podcasts in 2021—Serial killers, clowns, underground rings, and a conspiracy theory. The podcast is a companion to a four-part streaming series on Discovery+. The podcast series is eight episodes long and a perfect binge for your next narrative true crime pick. Check out one of the top true crime podcasts this year! 

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