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To understand the Apology Line podcast, we first must understand a man named Allan Bridge. Allan was a conceptual artist best known by his pseudonym Mr. Apology. He used the new technology of the 1980s, the voicemail, to record apologies from strangers. The line was advertised as “an anonymous telephone line where strangers could come clean about their wrongdoings, ranging from infidelity to murder…” I don’t think I need to give this podcast any better lead than that. The Apology Line is one of the best true crime podcasts right now. 

The Apology Line is the latest feature from podcast giant Wondery and has become an instant favorite that has shot up the charts to become one of the top podcasts of 2021. There’s no denying why true crime fans have loved The Apology Line. Not only is it backed by the power of Wondery, but this exploration of Allan Bridge is led by someone that would understand this story better than anyone else



The Apology Line Podcast Cover

 Marissa Bridge met Allan a month after he had started the Apology Line and they quickly began their relationship which led to the marriage until Allan had passed unexpectedly in 1995. 

Marissa leads the listener through the story of Allan and his “subjects” through the power of recorded phone calls and personal anecdotes. She is able to share Allan’s insights as he dove deeper into the world of anonymous phone calls, oftentimes calling people back and engaging in deeper discussions. Those are the moments any true crime fan will live for, as the calls are shrouded in a veil of grittiness. What I have found most fascinating about The Apology Line is how it transformed from an art project to a full-blown lifestyle for Allan. Marissa shares the effects that this had both on Allen and as a married couple. 

The Apology Line is one of the overall best podcasts of 2021 so far and a top true crime podcast.  Episodes typically clock in at around 45 minutes and often leave the listener on a cliffhanger making it easy to dive into the next episode. In doing some armchair detective work I noticed that the original Apology Line website is still active and will even allow visitors to listen to a select batch of calls. The Apology Line has become one of my favorite true crime podcasts in the last month and has been an instant binge-able classic for anyone that I have recommended it to. Let us know what you think! You can check out more on the socials- Instagram, Twitter and PODCHASER

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