Podcast Review: NECRONOMiPOD true crime podcast

NECRONOMiPOD: True Crime Comedy Podcast at its Best

NECRONOMiPOD is one of the best true crime podcast and likely will become a top podcast of 2021. I have not heard a comedy true crime podcast like this for some time. It is my favorite so far this year. I noticed the podcast broke the top downloads according to Chartable and was not familiar. Being a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, I became intrigued by the title and checked them out on Facebook, Podchaser and Twitter. After seeing how interactive their fan base was, I decided to give check them out.


NECRONOMiPOD podcast (try saying that five times fast) is a weekly true crime podcast with three friends, Ian, Mike, and Dave. The trio meet to crack some beers and talk about serial killers, Scientology, area 51, cults, UFOs, conspiracies, and domestic terrorists. Cases include famous serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and the Golden State Killer and Order of the Temple, Chris Benoit, and the Bell Witch. My favorite episodes were about the Oklahoma City Bombing podcast. I found this to be particularly interesting because I was not familiar with the lead up of Timothy McVeigh (put this on our Spotify playlist along with other top true crime podcasts).

What makes these episodes so great? First, the trio are all comfortable on the microphone and engage in banter the entire time. It’s not a comedy podcast where they try and use the time as a stand-up routine—but the way you talk about crime with friends over a beer. It’s not a PG-rated podcast either—details are not spared, and the jokes are crude, dirty, and fantastic. The podcast is precisely the type of true crime podcast I want—great research, banter, entertaining, and funny–NECRONOMiPOD checks all the boxes.

If I had to pick similar podcasts, I would say it’s a better podcast and R- rated version of True Crime Garage, narration and content like Generation Why, and a hint of Those Conspiracy Guys. The podcast interacts with its fans through TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Where to start? Check out our Spotify playlist with the Oklahoma City Bombing. I also really liked the recent interview with Waco Survivor David Thibodeau. I’m going to crack a cool down beer and check out the History of Exorcisms episode next. NECRONOMiPOD is a podcast gem, and I think it will be one of the best podcasts of 2021 that you will find. 

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