Podcaster Spotlight: An interview with DIE-ALOGUE

Interview with DIE-ALOGUE

If you’ve been keeping up with Podfluence over the last few weeks then you may be familiar with the very impressive podcasts featured on the Crawlspace Media Network  If you are familiar with the best true crime podcasts, then the name Rebekah Sebastian of Die-Alogue and her Yellow Tape trivia show. 

We recently sat down with Rebekah to learn more about what inspired her podcasting journey, recommended Die-Alogue episodes, and what else she’s listening to!

Podfluence: What inspired you to start your show? What were some of your influences?

After 2 years of hosting YELLOW TAPE: a live interactive true crime trivia show, I noticed my audience was often wanting to talk about the cases or topics we covered during the game. So even though I worried the world didn’t need another true-crime podcast, I went ahead anyway, because I felt there was room for an interview format true crime show.

I’m probably influenced by every podcaster I love but because of the interview style of DIE-ALOGUE, I really look to people I consider great interviewers like: Dax Shepard, Terry Gross, James Lipton, and Kelly Ripa.

Podfluence: What paths have you taken to grow your audience?

I am doing all the usual suspects- social media, email newsletter, promoting within podcast specific FB groups, and swapping promos with other like-minded podcasters. Most recently, I have been dabbling in Reddit and engaging “Redditors” there which is a whole new experience. I am finding it a helpful place to introduce my show to people who are interested in the topics that come up on DIE-ALOGUE. On my most recent google analytics report, Reddit is now the third source of traffic to my website!

Podfluence: Is there a special episode of yours that you recommend new listeners to check out? 

Impossible. Can’t answer! Ok, let me try; if a listener cares about criminal justice reform or current events, they might enjoy my interview with Matthew Horace, retired Law enforcement officer and author of a book called Black and Blue – it was a great conversation about policing in America. ( episode 56)  For something totally different, I have interviewed some of my own personal favorite podcasters like Justin Evans from Generation Why, and Tiffany Reese from Something Was Wrong Podcast. ( episode 24)Also, if cults are your thing, every episode in October was a deep dive into cults with experts Rick Alan Ross and Dr. Janja Lalich.

Podfluence: What has it been like to be a part of the Crawlspace Network? What is your favorite podcast on the Crawlspace network (besides your own)?

It’s been great – the network is a supportive community and we are like a podern family. 🙂 We are always trying to find ways to build each show within the network, and Tim and Lance are great leaders and friends to all of us. They are all great shows,  but I particularly love LA not so confidential because I am really interested in the WHY and who better to learn that from then forensic psychologists? Also, Criminal Perspective is great and Chris Duett, the host, is a fantastic interviewer!

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