Podcast Review: DIE-ALOGUE


We spend so much time sharing podcast recommendations. It’s crazy to think an icebreaker now is talking about your favorite true crime podcast.  We are constantly creating conversations and dialogues about what we are listening to frequently. Which is why Die-Alogue is an astoundingly refreshing podcast that is focused on asking the “Why” around true crime. 


To first understand Die-Alogue, we need to focus on its talented host, Rebekah Sebastian. Rebekah is an on-camera TV host and commercial actress who has a fascination with crime, and a passion or criminal justice. She has channeled these interests by creating Yellow Tape: a true crime trivia show. Yellow Tape is reminiscent of the types of trivia games you may participate in or overhear at a bar. Rebekah took her interest in true crime and passion for injustice and created a five-round trivia game that focuses on strictly true crime topics. This is a game that Rebekah has created for both fair weather fans and die-hard true crime fans alike. Naturally she was destined to create one of the best true crime podcasts. 


In 2019, Rebekah took the concept of Yellow Tape to the next step and introduced the Die-Alogue podcast. Her goal was to pick up where the Yellow Tape trivia categories leave off and continue the conversation after the winning team has been crowned. The goal of Die-Alogue is to discuss the “Why’s” of true crime. Each week Rebekah interviews fascinating people connected to true crime in a variety of unique ways. Guests will include authors, field experts, cult escapees, podcasters, and survivors. Listeners will be drawn in by Rebekah’s personality and interview style. Given the range of topics and guests that are featured on Die-Alogue, Rebekah’s laid back yet direct interview style creates an incredibly conversational experience for listeners. 

So far 2020 has brought listeners some fascinating topics, which Rebekah has grouped together by themes. For example, September’s theme is justice & injustice, in which Rebekah interviewed a power couple who are married attorneys that focus entirely on wrongful convictions. October brought the always interesting topic, Cults, to the forefront. Rebekah covers all the angles of the Cult-like life over the course of 4 weeks. Die-Alogue’s cult theme podcasts kicked off with a two-part episode featuring an interview with Cult Expert Rick Alan Ross. Ross has intervened in more than 500 deprogramming cases in various countries. One of the reasons why it’s a top podcast today. 

With the combination of Yellow Tape and Die-Alogue  Rebekah has created a universe in which she is able to explore the heart of true crime without glorifying murder or murderers. New Die-Alogue episodes drop every Wednesday and are typically 45-60 minutes based on interview length. Fans and listeners can also participate in the conversation by trying their luck on Yellow Tape: true crime trivia, in which a portion of the proceeds support the Innocence Projects. Die-Alogue is also part of the Crawlspace Media Network, which features a variety of true crime podcasts and films. 

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