Podcast Review: Murder was the Case

Murder was the Case

Most of us like to think of ourselves as armchair detectives and criminal psychologists. Every week I join my favorite line-up of podcasts. Sometimes its a new case and other times a continued investigation. As true crime fans it’s fun and living our passion. But sometimes I need the input of a true professional. Murder was the Case is one of the best true crime podcasts. Here’s why-


Meet Lee Mellor.  Lee has a Ph.D. in criminology and the host of Murder was the case. He applies his background each episode to focus on more than the headlines. Murder Was the Case launched in 2018 and has grown to over 150 episodes. It’s also part of the CrawlSpace Media Network  Lee’s credentials are no joke either. He is an investigative criminologist and offender profiler with the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases. His expertise includes murder, abnormal homicide, and sex crimes. He’s also the author of several academic textbooks. 

Why can’t armchair detectives get enough of this podcast? I feel as though Murder Was the Case is the utility belt of true crime podcasts. It offers something for every true crime fan: case discussions, interviews, and real expertise. Episodes are broken down into two styles: Academy & Dive Bar. Academy episodes will focus on examining a piece of criminology, such as reviewing the legitimacy of a 911 – is it real or a murderer? Listeners will find the feed flush with Dive Bar episodes. These range from interviews, to case examinations and more. 

Lee interviews victims, criminals, authors, and all types of experts. I like to think of Murder Was the Case as the “Joe Rogan of true crime” pods.Lee’s approach is similar to Rogan’s style and ability to get into the mind of the person on the other side of the table (or web call these days). As one other listener put it perfectly “episodes are horrifying, captivating, insanely knowledgeable, and dangerously sharp.” 

Murder was the Case is one of our favorite podcasts out there. Episodes range anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and given the library of content Lee & team have built, there’s no shortage of information for fans to dissect. Some of my favorite episodes are “Murder on the Moors” and the “Thailand Sting” episodes. It’s one of the top podcasts of 2021! Check Lee out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Podchaser

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