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CrawlSpace Media

The year 2013 had some very interesting highlights. Dennis Rodman kicked it in North Korea, House of Cards won an Emmy, Lance Armstrong admitted he was a cheater, and Tim and Lance began their extensive journey to explore the case of Maura Murray. Maura Murray was a 21-year-old college student who went missing after crashing her car on a cold New England night. The case coincided with the beginning of social media, and sparks fascination to this day.

As Tim and Lance began to promote their forthcoming documentary, they decided to start a podcast to help raise awareness about Maura Murray and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. The podcast launched in 2015 just as Serial concluded. Serial ushered in a new era for podcasts, and especially for true crime podcasts. After the series concluded, there was a void in content for listeners who wanted to find their next binge-worthy true-crime podcast. 

Missing Maura Murray rapidly grew in popularity and climbed the iTunes charts. The thorough research and professional quality lead to Oxygen Network’s production of the documentary series “The Disappearance of Maura Murray” in 2017. Tim and Lance launched another podcast called Crawl Space. A podcast that takes deep dives into a variety of unsolved mysteries and crimes. After producing multiple pieces of media, the duo launched CrawlSpace Media. Fast forward to 2020, and Crawlspace Media has become synonymous with fantastic podcasts and great filmmaking. 

Today, almost 20 podcasts fall under the Crawlspace Media umbrella, ranging from fantasy football to true crime, and even a fictional series. Given their library of podcasts, a documentary series, and ever growing interest in uncovering new cases. the company is always looking for talented individuals. It’s what makes them different from any other network we’ve worked within the past. In the past year, Crawlspace Media has added a significant number of podcasts to the network and those podcasts have seen tremendous growth in the charts. This is a team, a community, and a dedicated family of podcasters who are truly all working together to make the wild-west of podcasting a better world for us all. With both a podcast and film components, Crawlspace has tons to offer to fans. 

Throughout the upcoming weeks, Podfluence will be featuring reviews and podcaster Q+A’s for a number of Crawlspace Media podcasts! Check out our reviews on Mind over murderIncel , Die-alogue,  and many more! 


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Jon spent the first fifteen years of his life behind the microphone for a local Boston band. He fell in love with PodCasts while driving between venues. Entertainment podcasts are his passion, and he listens to True Crime to help fall asleep at night.

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