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Morally Indefensible

What do the Jinx and the Crimetown podcast have in common? (Besides being some of the best binges out there). Marc Smerling.  

Marc hosts a new short podcast series called “Morally Indefensible”. The podcast centers around the book “Fatal Vision”, a bestseller from the 1980s. If you are like me, you may not be familiar with the book and the controversy. In 1970, a young doctor & former Green Beret was accused of killing his wife and two daughters.  On the surface, Jeffrey McDonald had it all. A successful doctor with a young family. What would drive someone to do this? Morally Indefensible is one of the best true crime podcasts and a great binge. 

Initially, he tells the police a story of acid-loving bloodthirsty murderers (it is the Manson era anyways). His charismatic demeanor and illustrious background created doubt about whether or not he is guilty. Eventually, he is convicted 9 years later.  

While waiting for an appeal, he hires an author to write a book about his innocence, or so he thought. Over time the two become friends and Joe McGinnis uses this relationship to gain access to the material. He asks Jeff to share everything, so he can better write the book, at one point staying at Jeff’s house. While Jeff believes Joe is a true friend, the feeling is not mutual. Jeff opens up to Joe and unknowingly creates his demise.  

Morally Indefensible dives deep into the story about Jeff and Joe. Over the course of seven episodes, Marc investigates both sides. Besides using Jeff to write a NY Times Best Seller, was it ethical for Joe to release a book while a man is awaiting an appeal? Even worse, the book calls Jeff a murderer and completely shatters any positive perception. 

The podcast is a companion to the FX TV series, A Wilderness of Error. The show just premiered, so you can either jump into it or wait for a weekend binge.  

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