Podcast Review: The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast

The True Crime Enthusiast

True Crime Enthusiast is a weekly true-crime podcast hosted and produced by the Serious Welshman, otherwise known as Paul. Paul entered the true crime world in 2016 when he launched his own blog. Over time, those written words began to come to life (no pun intended) as Paul launched a podcast segment. Fast forward to 2020, and the True Crime Enthusiast is one of the most downloaded and popular true-crime podcast in the United Kingdom. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s one of the best true crime podcasts. 


Paul takes listeners into some of the most disturbing and often unknown crimes in the UK and Ireland. The latest episode, “The Torso in the Tank” is a chilling tale that sparked a great discussion across Reddit boards. The cases Paul cover are intriguing, but his storytelling is what sets his podcast apart.  

While the blog is not Paul’s primary focus now, his writing ability shines while he narrates the podcast. Paul gives animation to every detail in the crime and the environment where it occurred.  His matter of fact approach and delivery make it an excellent podcast to listen during your commute or while running errands. 

I saw a recent review on iTunes (why its a top podcast) that sums up The True Crime Enthusiast perfectly “If you want murder and chit chat about tv shows and weight gain this podcast is not for you. If you’re a social worker like I am, or a psychologist or police officer or a probation officer you or a serious person you will love this podcast”. Episodes range anywhere from 60 mins to 90 mins as they are flush with case details and stories you have likely never heard of before.

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