Podcast Review: Skinwalker

Skinwalker: Your Next True Crime Binge

Skinwalker is based out of Scotland. I saw the podcast on Adam’s true crime website (highly recommend if you have not checked it out). I loved Adam’s interview with JS and Matt, and checked out why Adam thought it would be a top podcast. After listening to a few episodes, I can say it’s one of the best true crime podcasts out there. 


 I’ve been binging since my first download a few weeks ago. After a few episodes, I checked to see how much runway I had, only to find out Skinwalker entered the market less than a year ago. What’s so impressive about Skinwalker is that it came out of the gate sprinting with professional storytelling and top-notch production. Skinwalker is rapidly climbing the true-crime podcast charts and becoming a new favorite for many. 

JS and Matt launched the podcast last winter. There are two characteristics  listeners will appreciate about Skinwalker: narration and production. JS narrates each episode in his smooth Scottish accent, and tells each story in full detail while remaining non-judgmental and empathetic towards the victims. His narration is reminiscent of Casefile’s style and delivery. Matt is a mastermind behind the scenes. He leverages his background in law to research and write each episode. The episodes are gripping and I found out his inspiration comes from his upbringing on the southside of Glasgow. 

JS’s long time true crime passion and Matt’s legal background create an engaging experience for all of their listeners. The narration and writing is perfectly edited and supported by the right ambiance from the sound. Listeners can expect a variety of true crime cases hailing from Scotland of all decades. 

Episodes are typically 40-45 minutes long and are flush with interesting case material and context. We highly recommend Skinwalker!

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