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Murder Mile

People love using podcasts as a medium to transport themselves to another place. Sometimes it might just be to a living room with the host to talk about the case, and other times it’s at the scene of the crime. I’ve probably written over 30 reviews when I say, “the host makes you feel like you are there”. Maybe I should work on my writing, but this week I do not need to worry about that cliché. Murder Mile is not only a weekly true crime podcast but it’s also a guided tour through parts of London’s West End where more than 300+ murders have taken place.

Murder Mile is hosted by Michael J Buchanan-Dunne. Prior to releasing Murder Mile, Michael spent time both at the BBC and in theater. I found a review that sums up his podcast beautifully: “Mike uses his wonderful voice and mastery of theater arts to illuminate carefully researched crimes set in their historical London locations. Original music and subtle sounds add to the ambiance. A superlative example of what can be accomplished within the podcast format.” Each week Michael discusses a new case that occurred in the Murder Mile and listeners will begin to learn the area as he reminds them of the other crimes which occurred in the area.

The first 30 minutes is told in a narrative style, supported by significant research. Many of the cases are unknown, so you won’t be hearing about Ed Kemper for the 100th time. The podcast is a mix between professional and personal. After the official episode, listeners can tune into an unscripted Michael. You get a chance to learn a little bit more about the case and about Michael himself. 

During non COVID times, people can also join Michael on a  real tour with a company of the same name. The name is not the only thing Michael’s podcast and tour share—both are rated 5 Stars—ITunes and TripAdvisor.

Murder Mile is one of the best independent true crime podcasts out there. Be sure to check out one of his most recent episodes, The Beating of Baby Richard.

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