Podcast Review: Evidence Locker

Evidence Locker- One of the Best Podcasts

We often think about evidence in court room movie type scenes as it is being presented to the jury. What we don’t often think about is that case evidence must be placed in a secured chain of custody by law enforcement. Most true crime fans will be familiar with the term “bagged and tagged.”  This term refers to a piece of evidence that has been placed into an evidence locker for secure keeping. Evidence has also allowed some of our favorite true crime podcasts the opportunity to present us fans with great material – and Evidence Locker is a perfect example of that. One of the best true crime podcasts. 

The Evidence Locker team makes it clear from the jump that they are a narrative true crime podcast for the fans, by fans. Extremely passionate true crime fans. Each episode is researched using open source and archived material, and produced with the utmost respect for the victims and their families. Listeners will be instantly drawn in by the case material, production quality, and vastness of crimes that are analyzed. 

Host Noel Vinson is a man of many talents. His previous career was as a touring hip hop artist known as Vital Emcee. Noel has since grown to become a recognized screen and media professional and an award-winning filmmaker with experience in screenwriting, directing, producing and editing. The other half of Evidence Locker is Sonya Lowe, who is extremely talented in her own right. With her education in English Literature and International Politics, she dove into a career into television and film . Evidence Locker is her brainchild and shows in her professional approach to the research, writing, and producing that she does on the show. 

Since launching in July of 2018 Evidence Locker has been a rocketship of a true crime podcast, most recently becoming a 2019 Australian Podcast Award Finalist. Upon your first listen you will quickly know why. Noel’s voice is the perfect encapsulation of depth and empathy needed for this type of narrative podcast that isn’t afraid to discuss even the most gruesome of cases. One of the more distinctive attributes to the pod is the range of cases across the globe that are covered. Whether it’s a case of a Vampire in Sweden, or a kidnapping in South Africa – Evidence Locker will cover it. Episodes are typically 35-40 minutes long and will leave you with enough time to check out case notes for the rest of your day!

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