Interview with Adam from UK True Crime (Part 1)

Sitting Down with Adam from UK True Crime

If you are familiar with true crime podcasts, then you’ve likely heard of UK True Crime. If you just started listening, then welcome to the land of true crime podcasting. Your next download should be UK True Crime. Host Adam launched the show back in 2016, and now sits in the top 10 True Crime Podcast in the UK charts and a top 100 in the world (not too shabby). Besides hosting the podcast, he also interviews and features podcasters from across the industry. 


We recently had the chance to talk with Adam of  UK True Crime fame about why he started a podcast, and some of the challenges he faced early on to attract new listeners and subscribers. These are the same challenges any independent podcaster will face, so why not hear from one of the best. This will be part 1 of 2. Enjoy!  


Podfluence: How did you first get interested in podcasts and podcasting?

A bit like many people in lockdown today with time on their hands.In 2016 I worked for Big Pharma, who sent me across the world for work. With so much time to kill on the plane or in the hotel room, I started listening to podcasts. It started with one called ‘The Square Ball’ about my football team, Leeds United – still one of my favourites today. I have always been interested in true crime so I looked for one covering this area. The others I listen to today reflect my interests: rugby, sailing, gardening. business, politics.  The odd bit of true crime too. 


Podfluence: Where did the passion for true crime podcasting start? 

Going back to the summer of 2016, with the exception of the excellent ‘They Walk Among Us’, I couldn’t find a true crime podcast out there that I really liked so I thought I would start my own. I wanted UK true crime with a bit of fun and humour, but not the humour of two college guys drinking beer on a Friday night, that isn’t my thing. I’m not criticising any creator – I have the utmost respect for all podcasters who put stuff out there – but that sort of show isn’t for me. Just as my podcast isn’t for everyone: and that is the whole point of podcasts isn’t it? Whatever you like, there is something out there for you. It is why I can now so easily laugh at the terrible reviews – and I get lots – as my show isn’t meant to be for those people. And it is why I am happy keeping it personal, talking about bands I like/don’t like, sport and other things on my mind


Podfluence: What always impresses us is how podcasters find the time to write and produce their pod. How do you manage podcast creation with your “regular” day job? 

I have a pretty demanding full-time job, young family and live in a remote area with lots of trees/gardens to look after which takes lots of time. I do this for fun. And increasingly to please my loyal listeners who are so kind to me and provide such support.  One day, I guess I’ll stop enjoying it so it will stop, but so far it has kept going weekly through deaths of two close family members and three house moves.

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