Podcast Review: Redhanded true crime podcast

Red Handed: One of our Favo(u)rites

I listened to over 300 true crime podcasts before I started blogging. Some were shit, some were good and others were great. Then a select few were “holy shit how did I not know this existed!” Red Handed falls into this category. 

In short, I fucking love this podcast. There’s my review – download it… 

Red Handed is a weekly true crime podcast by Suruthi & Hannah based out of the UK. They meet every week to discuss a new case. They cover a wide variety of crimes,  ranging from creepy ass people you may never heard of to infamous serial killer cases. 

So what makes them different? 

Suruthi and Hannah are very real hosts. They focus on having a conversation and covering the case material from every angle.  I guess the two met at a party and started talking about true crime (who doesn’t do that these days). That’s exactly what the podcast feels like – meeting someone at a party where you both have a true crime fascination. By following this format, they end up magnificently weaving small details about their lives into the case. This creates a very conversational vibe and is very similar to the discussion you would have with an acquaintance at a party.  

I find them to be similar to the OG Crime Junkie days. However, unlike the former, the pair still sounds similar to their original episodes. No planted questions or staged reactions. I’ve mentioned this podcast to many former Crime Junkie fanatics, and this is now their new binge. 

British Podcast Awards are this weekend. These girls better bloody win an award.


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