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Does that opening gavel strike of Law and Order get you excited? Then you should stop reading and download and subscribe to Court Junkie immediately. It’s one of our favorite true crime podcasts and a top podcast of 2021. 



Court Junkie’s inclusion of courtroom accounts and witness testimonies makes this one of the most unique true crime podcasts available. Each week, Chicago based Jillian LP covers a different case. Listeners can be excited about the variety of cases covered, which have typically occurred in the United States. s the title implies, the podcast focuses on the actual court proceedings of each crime. Episodes contain court recordings, witness testimony, personal interviews and much more.

Jillian’s podcast is refreshing and a reason why she is consistently ranked in the top 50 for True Crime Podcasts. Many other shows solely focus on the crime itself and include only headliner details. But a case is so much more than the crime. Jillian discusses the background, motive and the legal aftermath.

The episodes are driven by courtroom records and witness testimony to help narrate the story of the case, drawing the listener into feeling like they are part of a jury. Jillian plays quarterback when she tells the story and includes clips of the testimonies during the episode at the perfect times. The testimonies provide an overall sentiment about the case, rather than feeling like you are swayed by any opinions. Court Junkie gives first-hand testimony so listeners feel they are part of the case, not just hearing a reporters or a mate’s view.

Court Junkie is one of a kind and deserves to be downloaded each week. I recommend this podcast for anyone interested in hearing first-hand testimony to switch things up from the narration type formats we all love. Give it a listen every Monday!

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