Podcast Review: Swindled

Swindled: White Collar True Crime

It’s easy to forget that all crimes don’t end in a gruesome murder. With the variety of true crime podcasts available to listeners that cover crimes like missing persons, serial killers, and crimes of passion; we can lose focus on some of the worst criminals out there in the real world. The white-collar criminals. The rich politicians and business people who use their power to advance themselves while ruining others. In the truest sense of the phrase, Swindled keeps it real. If you like the show “American Greed”, then you’ve just found your new favorite podcast. 


Swindled explores the true crime stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate villains. Listeners will experience a wide variety of cases and figures from corruption to Ponzi schemes, and even environmental disasters. Season 3 just concluded with an episode focused on the Flint Water Crisis, and unfortunately I bet this will not be the last natural disaster covered. I never thought about these cases as “true crime” until I listened to Swindled. These white collar crimes can affect thousands and thousands of people, completely devastating their lives. 

Since the release in 2018, Swindled is one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the charts. Listeners will find these hour-long episodes flush with interesting cases with great episode format and audio production. As a listener, I find one of the most compelling aspects of the podcast to be the overwhelming amount of research that is done for each episode. Swindled utilizes a wide variety of media to add context to each case covered including narrative storytelling, archival audio, and soundscapes. Not only is the storytelling top-notch, but the production is some of the best in podcasting. Great epsiode content, research and audio production are almost impossible to find, and Swinded has it all which is why its a top podcast

As I mentioned earlier, Swindled keeps things real, so real in fact that the host and production team remain anonymous. This anonymous host is also very open to sharing details of the podcast. Most recently he shared that there were some presidential candidates that wanted to purchase some advertising on the podcast but he turned the candidate down because he does not want the show to be influenced whatsoever. This is a podcast for the people, by the people. 

If you find yourself needing a change from your typical true-crime podcast,  try Swindled on for size! With each episode clocking in at about an hour-long, it’s the perfect listen for long road trips or killing that last hour at work. You’ll soon realize that not all criminals have blood on their hands, but that they may have stock options or congressional voting authority. Hands down one of the best true crime podcasts out there. 

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