They Walk Among Us- UK True Crime

They Walk Among Us- UK True Crime

We are living in a crazy year right now. 2020 is purely insane. But so was 2016…

There was a US election, the Brexit referendum – and the shining star? They Walk Among Us was born; and has become one of the biggest hits in the UK. This first-person narrator podcast is written and produced by husband and wife duo Benjamin & Rosie Fitton. Season 4 ends next Thursday, so rather than read the rest of this just go and listen. Keep reading to find out why this is one of the best true crime podcasts. 

All of the cases this duo explores are based in the UK. Lovers of true crime will be instantly addicted. If you These may sound like fighting words, but They Walk Among Us is one of the best-researched pods out there. The details that Ben provides are always fascinating and add to the allure of the case being covered. They cover some of the most disturbing and graphic cases I’ve heard on any podcast and probably why its a top podcast. 

They Walk Among Us is a straight-shooting podcast too. You won’t find a lot of opinion here, but instead, you’ll learn the facts of the case. But what I particularly love in They Walk Among Us is the sound scaping. Paired with Ben’s voice, the droning soundscapes of each episode make you feel like you are living in a criminal underworld. Although details may be graphic at times, they add to the character of the podcast.

We love independent podcasts, and They Walk Among Us is one of the best true crime podcasts available today. The awards are numerous, including mentions from the vulture and a Lovie Award. The couple recently released their first book as well. Give this podcast download this weekend, and get caught up for next week’s finale! Check them out on Spotify below, or on instagramtwitter and podchaser

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