Podcast Review: Southern Fried True Crime

Fried Chicken and True Crime?

Why does everything happen to sound better in a southern accent? Add crimes ranging from kidnapping to homicides, set in small southern towns – and you get Southern Fried True Crime. A great mix of single narration and investigative journalism. It’s one of the best true crime podcasts available. 

 Host Erica Kelley blends storytelling and journalism into a well-delivered 50-minute podcast. She also has a way of giving each episode a personal touch, adding some personality to the show. All of the research is thorough and clearly conducted by Erica – no plagiarism here folks.
Each week Erica sheds light on a true crime case set in the deep in the southern states of America. Try to imagine the first season of HBO’s True Detective. If you are familiar, then you know these cases have some serious potential to be scary. Case topics range from serial killers you have never heard of, to small-town murders and crimes of passion. I listen to quite a few true crime podcasts and am unfamiliar with the majority of cases covered. The key to this podcast is Erica’s superb narration. And as I mentioned earlier, that smooth southern drawl doesn’t hurt either!

Why fried? (besides being delicious) Erica is not afraid to give her opinion of each case, even if it goes against what you will see and find on many news outlets. Her sass towards the fried justice system engages listeners but does not over serve or take away from the quality of research. But at the end of the day, Erica uses facts of the case to support her stance.

Erica not only focuses on the cases, but spends time talking about the victims. Discussions tend to focus on the impact each crime had on all affected parties. In my opinion, many other podcasts don’t focus enough on those areas. It’s a top true crime podcast. 

If you think about it, you can fry anything. Chicken, steak, vegetables, and now some true crime cases!

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Jon spent the first fifteen years of his life behind the microphone for a local Boston band. He fell in love with PodCasts while driving between venues. Entertainment podcasts are his passion, and he listens to True Crime to help fall asleep at night.

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