Missing Maura Murray

Missing Maura Murray

The disappearance of Maura Murray is one of the most searched and widely publicized missing person cases of the last 20 years. She was in college when she vanished in 2004 and is the first case of the social media age. Despite, countless investigations and web sleuths, her case remains a mystery. On the surface was an all American girl, however, below the surface were other details that have been the subject of numerous theories since. The Missing Maura Murray Podcast created by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna contains over 80 episodes focused on the case and is the most thorough resource available.

If you are not familiar, Maura Murray was a 21-year-old nursing student who disappeared on the night of February 9, 2004, in a remote New Hampshire location. The details surrounding the entire case care both fascinating and frustrating. Tim and Lance mention early on – nothing is black and white in this case. The duo interview close friends and family of Maura, law enforcement and have experts weigh in.

What started off as a documentary turned into one of the most popular True Crime podcasts. Creators Tim and Lance initially researched the case as the subject of a film documentary. However, as they started to uncover more case details and became involved with the community, the two turned to a podcast because the format allowed them to control the story in real-time. The podcast remains focused on bringing attention to Maura’s case, while now using their platform to shed light on other missing persons.

Tim and Lance remain dedicated to bringing justice to those missing person cases. They seek to not only raise attention but hope their work leads to solving these cases for those left behind. Listeners can expect to become quickly addicted to Missing Maura Murray podcast. Although Maura Murray is still unsolved, the case was a catalyst to create armchair detectives and citizen sleuths who now seek to solve cases across the world. We highly recommend checking out this excellent podcast. The Maura Murray episodes are great to binge, and the new episodes are a weekly download for us. 

Also, if you have run out of shows on streaming services. The podcast is now a 4 part docuseries that can be found on Amazon titled Finding Maura Murray below-

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