LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

Are you running out shows to binge on Netflix? For me, I spend each day searching but the well is starting to run dry. I recently watched the Lost Girls—which is one of the better movies on Netflix right now. What’s better than a Netflix binge? A podcast to follow. The LISK podcast is based on the same book and is a must binge for anyone interested in the Long Island Serial Killer. Both the podcast and Lost Girls take their source material from the bestselling book “Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery”. 

There is currently a serial killer operating just an hour drive from New York City. The Long Island Serial Killer (FKA LISK), is one of the most prolific killers in recent years. He or She  has operated virtually undetected for almost 20 years until a Shannan Gilbert disappeared in 2010 in Suffolk County.

LISK: The Long Island Serial Killer is hosted by Chris Mass. The podcast not only looks to bring attention to the case itself, but more importantly the victims. The LISK has been able to go undetected because he or she pried on prostitutes. These “lost girls” were written off by police because of their backgrounds and completely dehumanized, and they tend not to grab the larger headlines. Chris’s podcast looks to shed light on these individuals and let their family tell the world who they were. Chris leverages interviews with family members, friends, police, and everyone who was touched by these victims and senseless acts of violence.   

The other piece of this mystery is the alleged corruption of the Suffolk County police department. Not only were cases overlooked, but some were down right ignored. Were the police too busy covering their own schemes up to pay attention to a killer at large?

LISK will keep you engaged from start to finish. The podcast opens with the interview of Shannan Gilbert’s boyfriend and driver. She disappeared in the night which eventually set off the discovery of the remains of a body—which was not Shannan. Over the course of the day, police found more bodies in bags on a picturesque beach. A stark contrast between what lay beneath. One of the best true crime podcasts. 

We recommend checking out this Podcast during quarantine. Although the podcast is a limited series and can be completed in a day, I guarantee you will spend much more as an armchair detective searching the internet for clues. Top true crime podcast this year! 

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