What Makes a Podcast Sponsorable

The podcast advertisers’ wishlist and how to get on the nice list.

Industry insiders and researchers alike are predicting that podcasting will become a billion-dollar industry within the next few years – with some predictions as early as 2020. The boom in audience adoption, combined with what we know about who’s listening, has made the medium very attractive for advertisers. But it’s not just for the explosion of young direct-to-consumer brands who rely on the podcast environment to push their promo codes, national brands have their eyes on the deeper level of engagement podcasting can bring. While we’re not at one billion yet, Podcasting is not just a hobby and there has never been a better opportunity than now to turn your podcast into a business.


If you’re thinking about taking on podcast ads, what can you focus on to make your show appealing to potential brand partners? Or if you are monetizing already, what’s going to keep your current sponsors coming back for more? Advertisers have a lot to consider before investing in a podcast. Sure, download numbers and CPMs are part of the decision-making process, but there are other factors in your control that will make your show a no-brainer and seal the deal.

So what’s the secret to a sponsorable podcast? Here’s what tops our advertisers’ wishlists and how to check every box.

You’re pumping out content consistently.

Whether you’re 500 episodes deep, or just rounding out your first season, making a commitment to publishing on a regular schedule signals to advertisers that you mean business. Like consistency, being organized never goes out of style. That means running your podcast like a well-oiled machine with systems in place to keep up with the demands of writing, producing, editing, and promoting. Last-minute requests to record ad copy? They will be a piece of cake and make you look like a superstar.

Your personality is a good fit.

One of the biggest selling points for a brand? You! On your podcast, you’re charming, witty, and hilarious, so don’t freeze when it comes to ad copy. You don’t need to be an experienced voice actor to put together a great read. Authenticity and sincerity will always win in the end. First focus on building trust with your listeners, then target brands that speak to you the most. If your listeners hear that you genuinely had a great experience with a product, they will be more inclined to check it out, and advertisers will continue to invest in your show — everybody wins!.

You know your people.

And you have the stats to back it up. Keep tabs on who your audience is, whether your data is gathered from your social analytics or custom surveys. Think beyond age and gender and paint a vivid picture of who they are and what makes them tick. Are they working moms? Cash-strapped college students? When brands have insight into who they will be speaking to, they can better judge if the environment is the right fit.

You have a robust platform.

You’re engaging with listeners off your podcast. You’ve built up a healthy community by actively posting on social, growing your email list, and giving your audience a polished destination to keep up-to-date (your website). Let advertisers know that you have your $#!& together while giving them additional touchpoints to get their message out.

If you have these going for you, then you can be sure to make the ‘nice’ list for advertisers. For more on monetizing your show, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or get in touch below.

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