Podcast Review: Cool Mules

Cool Mules: A Cocaine Smuggling Ring within VICE Media

Canadalands’s “Cool Mules” podcast series is about a cocaine smuggling operation inside of Vice Media. The podcast is led by Kasia Mychajlowycz who investigates the players, operation, and downfall of a short-lived smuggling operation. The six-part podcast series just ended yesterday, making the next fix for your quarantine binge. Besides an intriguing story line and a cast of characters, the podcast will make you think about what you would do to achieve financial stability and fame.

At the center of the podcast is former Vice Editor Slava P. The interviews take place with him while he is under house arrest and waiting for sentencing. At the surface Slava looks like a journalist who took a story too far and got swept up into a life of crime. But Kasia digs into Slava’s own motivations and Vice Media as a whole. Vice’s rebellious culture, pressure and horrendous entry level pay forced employees to go above and beyond to get noticed within Vice. Was an event like this bound to happen?

Or is it a story of a predator at Vice taking advantage of naïve employees who were looking to impress a senior editor while putting money in their pocket? Oh, and I forgot to mention a Mexican cartel, $20 million dollars of cocaine and very lengthy Australian prison sentences.

If someone asks you to take a suitcase to Australia for $10K, you might want to think twice.

We cannot recommend this podcast enough, give it a download.


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