Podcast Review: 27 Club

The number 27 has some interesting messaging behind it. According to astrology, If you are born on the 27th you are the following: natural aristocracy, organizational and creative skills, as well as the ability to understand people. The number 27 signals good news is about to come into your life. However, the 27 Club is anything but good. The club refers to a select group of musicians who died at the peak of their careers when, guess what, they were 27 years old. Many deaths involved alcohol, and/or drug abuse, and even violence.

The 27 Club Podcast is the brainchild of Jack Brennan. Jack acts as the lead writer, host, and producer. Jake already established himself as a bit of a heavyweight in podcasting with his other podcast, Disgraceland. The show is an absolute hit, landing on Apple’s Best Podcast list in just the second season and also is now a published book. I expect similar success for the 27 Club Podcast.

Launched in 2020, The 27 Club is a ten-episode podcast. Each season is dedicated to a different member of this unfortunate club. Season One follows the wild and tragic life of rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix. Jack dives deep into research and unravels details rarely known by many–and as a lifelong Hendrix fan, I barely knew half the story. 

Make no mistake, this isn’t your run of the mill “Behind the Music” audio drama. The podcast is a pure-play true-crime podcast. The first season demonstrates the lines Hedrix balanced during his life as a petty criminal and starred musician.

Given that Season One is solely focused on Jimi Hendrix and the episodes clock in at a solid 45 minutes, this is just the perfect binge-listen. With members of The 27 Club like Jim Morrison, Kirk Cobain, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and dozens more, there are plenty of stories left for Brennan and his team to tell.

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Jon spent the first fifteen years of his life behind the microphone for a local Boston band. He fell in love with PodCasts while driving between venues. Entertainment podcasts are his passion, and he listens to True Crime to help fall asleep at night.

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