Best Podcasts to Binge While Quarantined

Moms and Murder (Matter of Fact True Crime Podcasts like Crime Junkie)

No, that’s not what we are thinking after week 1 of the quarantine, although I have no experience as a mother. But all mothers this week are wearing multiple hats.  Mandy and Melissa produce a fantastic kick ass true-crime podcast that all moms should check out. The podcast has a similar tone to a book club discussion with witty friends. The pair also discusses their lives and the in-s and outs of parenting. Like all book clubs, Mom’s and Murder is balanced between case examination and general discussion. This duo keeps the discussion light by adding some humor to each episode. Highly recommend

Felonious Florida (Investigative True Crime Podcasts like Serial)

Felonious Florida is an investigative journalism-based podcast by the South Florida Star Sentinel in partnership with Wondery. With a slew of investigative podcasts out there, you will quickly learn why Felonious Florida is one of the best. Felonious Florida currently has two seasons flush with gruesome crime and fantastic journalism. In Season 1 Laura Arthur focuses on two separate cases involving murderers that could be walking the streets today. What I love about Felonious Florida is that host does an incredible job of making you feel the grittiness of the cases. The inaugural episode is centered around the murder of a local nightclub owner in South Florida. Season two is even better and Emma Kate Austin dives into some of the strangest cases I have ever heard – killer clowns…need I say more?

Dumb and Busted (Comedy True Crime Podcasts like My Favorite Murder)

Sometimes I find myself listening to too much serious True Crime Podcasts. With everything going on, I need a dam good laugh.  So, when we stumbled on Dumb and Busted, it was quite refreshing. It reminds me of the early days of MFM, except with a quite a bit more edge. They are real. Based out of Portland OR, they have me in tears during their show.  Allyson Koplin and Hannah Eather dropped their discussion-based podcast in 2018 and immediately established themselves as fixtures in the podcast community and only added fuel to the fire when they  added comedian Hunter Donaldson. Best part is they focus on lesser known crimes–so amongst the laughs you also hear about a new case. 

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