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Felonious Florida is an investigative journalism based podcast hosted by Lisa Arthur and the South Florida Star Sentinel in partnership with Wondery. With a slew of investigative podcasts out there, you will quickly learn why Felonious Florida is one of the best. And no, it’s not because it features Florida Man. Well, maybe it does… depending on your definition.

Each season the cases covered take place in sunny, but dangerous Florida. For a state that is known for its theme parks, alligators, and heat, I never knew it had such a dark side. And that dark side carries some terrifying statistics. Florida currently ranks 7th amongst all states in the crime index.

With that kind of background, it’s no surprise that Felonius Florida currently has two seasons flush with gruesome crime and fantastic journalism. In Season 1 Laura Arthur focuses on two separate cases involving murderers that could be walking the streets today. What I love about Felonious Florida is that host does an incredible job of making you feel the grittiness of the cases. The inaugural episode is centered around the murder of a local nightclub owner in South Florida. Season two is even better and EmmaKate Austin dives into some of the strangest cases I have ever heard – killer clowns…need I say more?

As incredible as the journalism is covering each case, the production cannot be overstated. Each episode is just a solid experience that sounds great. Listeners will be engaged by the content as episodes are rich media coverage clips pertaining to each case. After you read this review and listen to an episode you’re likely to get the urge to research the cases. I recommend starting with the Felonious Florida website. It’s arguably the most detailed website for any podcast as it’s filled with source information.

Like any other armchair detective, I have a day job and the hour episodes are great…but, to be honest, one hour turns into a few pretty quickly. I’m slightly hesitant to visit certain parts of Florida again but I am overjoyed to recommend this podcast to others. The cases, content, and length of episodes make this a perfect podcast for a great binge or a quick listen. Felonious Florida is reporting and podcasting at it’s best.

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