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The end of 2019 closed one of the most impactful decades in podcast history. The issue is that listeners have been spoiled with amazing podcast content. Don’t fret though – 2020 is off to a hot start, with a slew of new podcasts already bringing the True Crime heat. 

Check out Podfluence’s top 3 podcasts of 2020, so far…

The 27 Club

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin have all been taken from the world too soon, and eerily enough all at the age of 27. If you are a fan of true crime and music and you aren’t familiar with Disgraceland, we may have just made your day. Host Jake Brennan, of Disgraceland fame, has teamed up with iHeartRadio to bring us on a tour of music’s most exclusive club. Brennan’s wit combined with the passion for the subject makes for an undeniably fascinating listen. Check out The 27 Club’s first season as they tackle the gruesome details of Jimi Hendrix’s past. 

Mind Over Murder

Premiering in January, Mind Over Murder is a new true-crime podcast from victim advocates Bill Thomas and Kristin Dilley. Bill and Kristin are both victim’s advocates and have ties to the Colonial Parkway Murders that took place in Virginia Beach from 1986-1989. Mind Over Murder is designed to explore and investigate solved and unsolved murders. There will be a focus on the Colonial Parkway Murders, but the inaugural season kicks off with a 2 episode case discussion on the murder of college sweethearts from 2009. 

Chasing Cosby 

If you are a true-crime fan and aren’t familiar with the L.A Times family of podcasts, then you have a lot of great listening in front of you. The L.A. Times has brought us Dirty John, Detective Trapp, and now Chasing Cosby. Only a few episodes in, Chasing Cosby is already setting the bar high for podcasts in 2020. Award-winning journalist Nicki Weisensee Egan has been covering or “chasing” Bill Cosby since 200, and provides a tremendous amount of context in this exploration of the rise and fall of this ill-fated former American idol.

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