Podcast Review: Moms and Murder

Moms and Murder

I have no experience as a mother, but what I do know is how many hats all moms wear daily. With all that responsibility, it’s quite impressive that Mandy and Melissa find the time to produce such a fantastic kick ass true-crime podcast.

Moms and Murder has the tone similar of a book discussion with entertainingly witty friends. The pair not only discusses the case but also their lives and the in-s and outs of parenting. Mandy and Melissa are based hail from sunny Florida. Although their great state is a hotbed of crime, they explore cases from all over the states.


Like all book clubs, Mom’s and Murder is balanced between case examination and general discussion. This duo keeps the discussion light by adding some humor to each episode, but don’t overdo it by any stretch. Don’t get it twisted – this is a professional podcast through and through.

After binging so many other serious podcasts lately, Moms and Murder is light and allows me to cleanse my pallet with something more..friendly? relaxing? As if true crime could ever be relaxing! In all seriousness, by sparing some of the gore, this makes for a great listen while driving to work or running around doing errands even if when you have kids in the car. These moms are so damn thoughtful!

Melissa and Mandy tend to lead the narration with high-level research accomplished for each case. One of my favorite parts about the show is how engaging they are from the top of each episode. They playfully begin by saying “We googled this city.” You know that feeling when you listen to a podcast enough to feel like you are friends with the hosts? That’s how endearing Moms and Murder is. The show is a perfect match for anyone looking for a lighter true-crime podcast.

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