The Minds of MADNESS


Canada is typically known for delicious maple syrup, frigid winters, and a friendly population. But after hearing all the great true crime podcasts from there, I may have to reconsider my next trip to the North. This every other week podcast, hosted by Tyler, sets the bar high for Podcasts around the world, not only in Canada.

What makes Minds of Madness so special is the approach that Tyler takes. The cases examined aren’t your typical Ted Bundy investigations or who done it crimes. Instead, the cases are about seemingly normal people breaking their typical persona and participating in brutal crimes. It demonstrates that someone we interact within our everyday lives could potentially be hiding a dark side. Minds of Madness takes things one step further too, by examine the impact these crimes have on all involved parties. Listeners won’t find themselves only getting one perspective on the case.

Tyler’s voice is husky and unique, and his narration style is honest and respectful. This combination makes The Minds of Madness a pleasurable listen. It’s easy on the ears; if you will. The production and audio quality are both top-notch. You won’t find yourself getting lost between inaudible interview clips and poor connections, classifying this as a fantastic commuting podcast.

If you are a fan of podcasts like Case File, then you will love The Minds of Madness. Don’t believe your friends at Podfluence? The Minds of Madness is also the winner of multiple Canadian Podcast Awards for categories ranging from Outstanding Sound to the People’s Choice award. With a podcast growing in popularity as quickly as this, be sure not to miss out!


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Jon spent the first fifteen years of his life behind the microphone for a local Boston band. He fell in love with PodCasts while driving between venues. Entertainment podcasts are his passion, and he listens to True Crime to help fall asleep at night.

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