True Crime Brewery

If you are looking for a beer recommendation and true crime, stop what you are doing right now. True Crime Brewery is a weekly podcast hosted by couple Jill and Dick. Like me, they have two things in common: love of true crime and beer. Dick is a physician by day and a beer connoisseur by night. Each case is paired with a local beer. At the beginning of each show Dick cracks open a beverage. Acting as a sommelier, he spends thirty seconds describing tasting notes. His reviews are brutally honest, unlike some other true crime shows. Even if you do not like crime, the podcast is worth a listen to find your next pint.

Their narration style is unlike any other I have heard. Although alcohol is involved, couple tend to be stay monotone during their conversation about the case. The pair come prepared to discuss every detail of the crime, demonstrating their deep research into the case. Like a fine wine, many listeners recommend listening to a few episodes. After a few episodes, listeners guarantee you will be hooked. One of the most unique things I can say about the podcast—it is the perfect true crime podcast before bed.

Dick’s physician background comes into play each week, and it is not for the faint of heart. While describing the details of the crime, the couple do not just say “blunt force trauma”. Instead, Dick describes exactly what happened—just as a doctor would describe what happened to a victim in the accident. I do not know of any podcast out there with this level of detail to the injuries.

Overall, I recommend giving True Crime Brewery a try to fit into your weekly rotation. If you are looking for beer recommendations and true crime, this is your show.

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