Criminology combines the powers of Mike Ferguson (Mike), one of the more recognizable names in podcasting, and Mike Morford (Morford), to produce one of the most detailed oriented true crime podcasts available. This duo states early on in their podcast that the goal is to dive into cases much deeper than other podcasts who may keep things at a surface level. Their goal is to offer new insight into some of the more heavily focused and popular cases.  Morford is based out of New Jersey while Mike is based out of Dayton, Ohio. Although they are distant in location, it doesn’t affect their rapport.

Mike is no stranger to True Crime, in fact, he hosts another top 50 podcast. He brings a seriously professional skill set to Criminology, which includes his ability to provide more details around a case than you are used to hearing. Want to give it a litmus test? Their coverage of the Zodiac Killer is the best of any true-crime podcast, and those are fighting words!

Morford and Mike are often joined by outside consultants and specialists to help tie pieces of information together, and as a byproduct, they provide a full 360 view of all parties involved in each case. The details of these crimes can often be unsettling, to the point where I recommend not eating prior to downloading the show (half-joking).

Mike and Morford stick to the facts, cover each case with grace and dignity, and ensure they offer respect to the victims. Unlike other shows, there is virtually no self-promotion and deep rabbit holes of personal theories, which can oftentimes be a turn-off. Even when they begin to offer a theory towards the end of the show, they alert the listener and point to previously stated facts to offer their conclusion.  The research, chemistry, and timing of the show (drops Saturday night) make it my favorite Sunday morning podcast.

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